Women and fitness bodybuilding myths

One of the biggest myths out there is the myth of women who grow big muscles if they lift weights or strength training. Old myths are hard to get rid. I have often heard from women, the weight in their lives not lifted even weight still, that it lift any weights because they fear becoming too big.

First of all, I want to see even how they try, because every muscle takes a lot of work even in smallest quantities of growth and second men and women just as much because genetics can grow. If lifting weights all huge made as you to see see you all in magazines in gyms, look like that. To look around rare huge bodybuilders, because this great man or women get it takes help from drugs.

In many cases women body fat would lose and the last thing, that which you think is to lift weights or invasion of bodybuilding. This is because their attitude bodybuilding is this huge muscular-looking figure. The truth is, Yes, you can create a good figure, but becoming “too big”, it is almost impossible. Here is the thing. During the rest period, when muscles was given new life, (after the work they) body fat eat them for dinner. In other words, the muscles go to FAT to get needed more energy. It’s easy to hold, the more is a muscle worked (without training) the more fat they will eat. I have cases women were concentrated on bodybuilding and learn, rather the position on the scale every day watching the weight and have take off incredible success. Stay out of scale, and use the mirror.

What happens when a man or woman that focuses on building and design of muscle rather than fat loss is fat or weight loss is the byproduct of bodybuilding and muscle building. Incidentally, there is really no such thing as muscle. Have either muscle growth (hypertrophy) or no growth and muscle building muscle growth is easy. Always with a dehydrated body shows a so-called cutting muscle or torn muscle in many cases. My point is, your goal is to build muscle and weight loss follows behind on its own. It is much easier and more interesting on the weight loss, rather than to focus the exercises. Building muscles has a greater effect on weight loss than cardio exercise. Because muscle burns fat increased (while you sleep). In every gym, go and find the most people, the bikes instead of lifting weights. Due to years of, it is said, cardio exercise is the way to lose weight, everyone does it.

Lifting weights helps twice as fast to lose the fat and keep them off. Both is even better. I can’t count how many people I know and accepted as running the cardio workout to do, and only to find cycling (cardio-training, work of the heart muscle), that a few weeks later after they it slow down or stop it all back win. It takes two weeks to lose heart-shape and it takes months to losing gained muscle mass.

By Mike Thornton certified trainer UFit fitness warm