Why is skin fold test the best way to measure body fat?

There are many different methods to meausre body aft percentage. Some are more accurate then others, some are more expensive and some are just too complicated. Underwater weighing is likely to be the most accurate method of all. But it is not convenient for personal use on a regular basis. Most people don ´ t have even such an opportunity. For at home want to test yourself, you have a method that is simple, practical, easily accessible and cheap. Skinfold test, is the best way to achieve all this.

Based on the premise that the majority of your body fat is subcutaneous– beneath the skin where you see and it Pack skinfold test. So, if you, skin and fat to pinch and measure the thickness of the fold of a or the multiple locations, a fairly accurate estimate you can your whole body fat percentage. And you get even consistant feedback, this is even more important then the accuracy.

The best thing about the skin fold tests is that you can do it yourself. It can be very uncomfortable and even embarrassing if I’m a total stranger. With a cheap plastic skin fold caliper is called the ACCU-measure much better to let others do it. The ACCU-measure requires only a fold of skin at the same place from 3 different places are taken. You on the basis of this single measurement, just refer to a body fat interpretation chart for an accurate estimate of total body fat.

And it doesn’t really matter much Accure with the brake caliper is action on the most accurate, consistent feedback is important. Get constant feedback, you must always use the same method. But with skin fold tests, to measure body fat accurately and consistently can take some time. If you measure your fat percentage for the first time, you will receive various readings every time. But the more practice, the better you get. Everything is difficult, the first time, and practice makes perfect. The accuracy will be only as good as the tester experience and testing technology. The more you practice, the more accurate the numbers are obtained.