Why is it infected all the time with nematodes?


My 11 year old daughter suffers again with nematodes. Every time she got it I treat with Vermox, with I get on prescription. I am concerned that this drug is dangerous, especially since I use it every two to three months. It is very clean, just keeps her nails and washes their hands; they have no other family members. Any suggestions?


Nematodes (also known as pinworms) are more common in temperate countries like the UK than in the tropics. Adults Enterobius roundworms are about 1cm long worms and live in the intestines. The female worms from the anal area at night sneak and lay up to 10,000 eggs at the entrance to the rectum. This leads to terrible itching can cause inflammation, as the eggs develop and the resulting young worms back in the bowels of winds.

If the area is scratched, eggs get inserted under the nails. Even if you thoroughly wash these eggs be transferred up to the mouth within a few hours, and from there into the intestine, where they hatch and grow to adult worms happy and satisfied in the intestine, where the life cycle begins life again. From egg worm takes over a month to adulthood and the worms survive another month or so before lay their eggs and die. Due to the large number of eggs and worms, the process is continuous and durable without treatment the bowls are infected.

The transfer of the eggs is literally moment policy so that families can be infected (but not in your case). One of the most common symptoms is itching, especially at night. Children grinding their teeth often at night, because the itching causes unrest leads to irritability and fatigue during the day. Severe infections can cause weight gain and even abdominal pain. In rare cases, which can conquer nematodes the vaginal area and irritation, which can spread to nearby areas.

The worms to absorb nutrients, so that the infection can result in malnutrition and mineral deficiency. Absorb iron in abundance, so that an infected person anemic (iron deficiency). People with worms look often pale and malnourished, although their appetite increases. Lots of food help do not, however, because the worms nutrients and record the person still hungry.

The joint inspection for nematodes is to analyze the waste, but this is useless, because the eggs in the intestine are not released. An accurate diagnosis is by using the clear mucus on peri-anal area, then under the microscope to see, if there are no eggs examine arrived.

Nematodes are a group of anthelmintic drugs such as Vermox be treated effectively. A few weeks after the first course, a second is recommended. The whole family should be treated to eliminate all hidden source of infection. However the manufacturer itchy rash, abdominal pain and diarrhea lists potential side effects, including ‘Severe swelling of the lips, face, or tongue’ “. It stressed that anyone who suffers an allergy taking the medication immediately should stop.

If you prefer a natural way, I recommend following

* Sugar feeds the worms, so you avoid foods such as cheese, mushrooms, and vinegar, along with yeast-containing products such as bread, pizza, beer and wine and mushrooms.

* Worms such as not hard Chair, they make it for them difficult, lay their eggs outside of the intestine, so in this case constipation can be helpful. For two weeks, fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables avoid bread, cereals and whole grains. Offer your smile red meat, chicken, eggs, mashed potatoes, rice, pasta with olive oil, fish from the grill, mash and carrots instead. Your intestines will clog it. Once the infection is eliminated, must however the child a regime to bring back to you, which get their bowel movement. This lot includes water, papaya, bananas and vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus and cabbage.

* I advise usually adult leaf with Kattha chew betel a vegetable paste, the deworming properties have.

But betel stains of the tongue and lips and not to taste. Her daughter should take a pinch of Kattha with water for seven days. Kattha is of Indian grocers ¤ ft and the integrated health centre-shop available.

* Take kadu and Kariatu combined. Put two branches of the Kariatu kadu and half tea spoon in a