Why counting calories for weight loss does not work

Most people believe that calories the “enemy”, because excess calories eating to excess fat, properly leads? This is why most people believe that the fastest way to lose weight is way back cut on calories per day.

Finally have again if a Dieter is 2,500 calories per day and they decide to up to 1,500 calories per day to lower then of course this extra 1,000 calories for weight loss, do right?

Well, that’s not exactly right.

In fact, if you try to cut your calories too much (about starving yourself and skipping meals) then you can easily reach a “Plateau” diet (a point where refuses the scale, every drop, how little you are lower food).

First, Let’s talk about how the average person starting a new diet.

The scenario sounds typically something like this.

One day, if you look in the mirror and see that your clothes more closely than are normal, and you see more obese than normal. And on this day, you get “angry” with himself, you are angry, what you see in the mirror and you decide that you’re going to lose weight no matter what it takes.

They are filled with lots of motivation and anger on this day, and determined to do what it takes to get slimmer, feel. What is the first thing you do?

You begin, skip meals and cut way back on calories when attempting to be thinner, starve to death, because they are convinced that the calories are the enemy.

In any case, is the above scenario as you begin your “starvation diet.”

You feel so “motivated” to lose weight, you want to skip the breakfast on the first day of the diet.

Unfortunately not this motivation for long takes, because after a few hours, you make your hunger feeling is weak starts, because your body not accustomed to “meals skip” as follows, and your body is not used, no calories for so long.

As ever, at the time noon comes you’re so hungry (and weak), that you feel is absolutely miserable but still they bravely you say, that you can handle this diet (because finally you feel certainly do not want such a quitter).

So you thought lunch might be a piece of fruit (or maybe one other small food item instead), because you still believe that you can starve themselves thin.

Finally hours later when dinnertime arrives you’re so misery and hunger, that you the moment is a major headache and this, when you finally begin to realize that starving yourself, maybe not such a good idea after all.

As soon you probably for a couple of days on this diet hold out after that first day you feel horrible starving themselves, but they are determined to keep, since you don’t want to be a slacker on your diet.
Or, if you are very brave, then maybe keep for a week or two.

How long you actually have no slim get but regardless, and are the end result is still the same.

You see, even after two weeks, even starving yourself is serious weight loss ever achieved have not. In fact, your body will have the same appearance, if you look in the mirror.

Why is this so?

This is true, because most of the weight lost while a “starvation diet” is just water weight, and not real fat loss.

Don’t forget, that each “” lost water weight during a starvation diet will back to normal to eat gained back immediately when you stop the diet and start.

Even if you are starving you create a “hidden” factor in the game come.

You see if you starve yourself your body starts burn less calories per day.

For example suppose that you usually about 3, 000 food calories per day.

But then all of a sudden cut way back on calories, so that you eat only 1,000 calories per day.

Guess what happens?

Although you eat 2,000 fewer calories per day starts to burn fewer calories per day, so in reality your weight remains the same, even though you eat 2,000 fewer calories per day your body of 2,000.

Stopped in this case that the scale how little are will eat regardless of every day, and this is known as a weight loss “Plateau.”

So have most starvation diet, not the scale fall more looked