What is the mortality rate with lap band surgery?

One of the newest and most promising forms of weight loss surgery for is morbidly obese the lap-band is to create the placement of an adjustable band to the upper part of the stomach enter a smaller bag for food and are digested. This procedure should a feeling after a small meal to create wealth and helps the patients faster than traditional diet and exercise for take off. Lap-Band is reversible and adjusted for the patient’s dietary and physical needs are. It is also much safer than other forms of weight loss surgery as. However, since it is actually a surgery of the abdomen, brings Lap-Band weight loss surgery with certain risks.

Here are some of the risks, such as current fatality of Lap Band Surgery.

Infection – such as any form of surgery, but usually with the stomach abdominal surgery, Lap-Band Surgery carries a higher rate of infection than minor surgery. The area, the upper part of the stomach is the lap-band, is particularly susceptible to infections or problems as a result of the cavity that it occupies. Furthermore, stomach acid can cause problems if the gastric ulcerated or accidentally perforated during the band placement or how it adjusts to the stomach itself. In some cases the band has known, actually cut into the stomach itself and cause ulcers or holes in the stomach, so that acid and infections to start.

Slip – although there have been some changes and improvements to the lap band over time and use, the band can slip sometimes the intended part of the stomach and cause problems. The band may be involved in other areas of the stomach of the oral cavity, or it can be ineffective if it slips out of the area, created the small stomach pouch. This can be reduced by careful monitoring of the band over the course of time.
Herniation – if the stomach is overwhelmed by the over eating, patients may cause the band the stomach the herniate. The catheter port that sits close from the outside of the abdominal wall, where the doctor inserts the band internally adjust liquid, can become also herniated. Also here the band and all of its components, as well as careful adherence to a strict diet can prevent this careful control.

Death – like in any other form of surgery, there is always the risk of death. It is regrettable that in some cases gastric band died patients during the actual surgery or complications occurred as a result of Lap Band Surgery. These deaths can excessive blood loss during the surgery, congestive heart failure, stroke, leakage of gastric acid in the stomach or post infection have recorded op. The current mortality rate for Lap-Band Surgery is less than 1%, so it is in general relatively safe when compared to other forms of weight loss surgery or morbid obesity.

If you are considering Lap Band weight loss surgery, you and your doctor should discuss to get all potential benefits and risks associated with this procedure before hand to get the best results.