What is gastric band Hypnotherapy?

Over the last ten years or so the gastric band (also known as gastric banding) an increasingly popular surgical procedure for those who want to lose weight. A band is fitted to the stomach and inflated so that the stomach capacity is considerably reduced. This means that the patient eats less food, which leads to weight loss, which is fast and long lasting.

Gastric banding is operation is not without risks. Something goes wrong, there is always the risk inherent in any operation to go, but there are also some problems that can cause the gastric band specifically. These include a slipped belt (either can reduce that result in too much or too little in the stomach capacity), acid reflux, nausea, sickness, diarrhea, belching, blockages and other problems. Thus, the results would undoubtedly impressive, but there are definitely hidden dangers are. But it would be great if there was a way that the success of the gastric band without any risk to replicate?

Well, there is indeed a way. Recently had hypnotherapists very successfully replicate the gastric band procedure purely with hypnotic suggestions. No scalpels, anaesthetics or scars – only pure power of the mind. Through its secure and effect nature gastric band Hypnotherapy has become the latest craze in weight loss. A simple Google search shows hundreds of satisfied patients who undergone gastric band Hypnotherapy and lost much of their excess weight. But how exactly does it work?

As stomach band understand Hypnotherapy works first hypnosis and the effect on the mind must consider. While human knowledge of the spirit is far from complete, the most absorbing theory that the spirit is the conscious and the subconscious of two main components – is. Become familiar the most with the concept of consciousness as that is the origin of your regular patterns of thought. If you think to yourself, “I’m thirsty, I should get a drink” or something similar, is your conscious mind at work. Your subconscious mind is much deeper and more powerful way. It controls all those instinctive actions and reactions, that you not have your habits, thinking about your desires and your phobias. It is your subconscious mind, the hypnosis works. Hypnosis the subconscious primes and prepares it to accept suggestions.
Now we understand how hypnosis works, it becomes a little clearer how gastric band Hypnotherapy works. A Hypnotherapist will trigger a hypnotic state in their clients and then to speak, as if it actually happens is through the gastric band procedure. There is no pain or anything physical at all really happening, but the subconscious mind find it very difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. For this reason, dreams that seem all too real may have sometimes very powerful.

Once the subconscious mind believes that his body a gastric band is fitted it act as if you really a have provided. This means that you will feel full more easily, to eat more slowly and eat you smaller meals. This leads to very effective weight loss.

Apart from the fact that safer than surgery, gastric band Hypnotherapy is also much cheaper – typically ten times less expensive surgery. There are even audio packs of clinical hypnotherapists who have exact same session on CD or MP3, which are less expensive, yet, because the Hypnotherapist only needs record the session once for many customers included. This costs less than $100.

So if you think about it, that gastric band then the natural method of hypnotherapy surgery may very well worth your consideration.