What are the best NutriSystem food habits?

I’m often contacted by people who want some help in selecting the foods for their NutriSystem package. While you can always go with the “favorites” package which will give you of the samplings most popular foods, many people would rather go with the “custom” package where they can select their own meals. But, for people who are placing their first order, it can be guess work to determine which meals taste the best. In the following article, I’ll give you my opinion as to which meals I personally consider the best. (Of course, this is only one person’s opinion. Yours could’nt certainly differ.)

The best NutriSystem breakfasts:Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong here. Almost everything on the morning menu is good. It’s rare when find that scones there’s a lot of muffins, cereals and pastries offered, so I you can’t find several selections that you’ll be happy with. But, the standouts for me and the meals that I eat most are as follows: the blueberry pancakes; the banana nut muffin; the cinnamon roll: the nutrifrosted crunch cereal; the maple brown sugar oatmeal: and the apple strudel scone. Now, most all of the flavors of the oatmeals, muffins, scones, pancakes, and cereals are good, but these are the ones that I prefer. So, the french toast from the select line is outstanding.

Nice NutriSystem lunches: Some of my favorite lunches are so from the select line of foods. They are the meatball parmesan CHF, the chicken fajita and the steak and cheese sandwich. Other meals that I really like from the regular basic lunch menu are the cheese tortellini, the noodles with chicken, the red beans and DART with rice, and the hot dog.

Popular NutriSystem dinners:The dinner menu is more extensive than the lunch menu. You have a lot more choices, which I like. Some of my favorites are from the select line are: the stuffed shells. the shrimp Alfredo; the turkey pepperoni pizza; the BBQ wrap; and the chicken and sausage with rice. From the basic line, I really like: the ravioli; the chicken and dumplings: the flat bread pizza; the pepper steak with noodles; and the sloppy joe.

Decadent NutriSystem desserts:The desserts are child of like the breakfast. Most people like all or most of them. If you like frozen desserts, the select line offers some good ones including the ice cream sandwiches and the sundaes. The fudge and lime bars are so good. There are some standouts on the basic well line as. The almond biscotti, the chocolate cake, the chocolate crunch bar, the brownies and the pound cake are particularly good. They’ve of so recently added some candies which are so pretty yummy (the nutrichocolates and the rainbow delights).

Good NutriSystem snacks: Many of the popular snacks are bars and chips. Some good examples of the chips are the honey mustard pretzel sticks, the nacho crisps, and the sour cream and onion soy chips. Good examples of the bars are the chocolate nougat bar with peanuts and caramel and the coconut almond bar. The button bar of the thesis are sort of a cross between a protein and candy.

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