Weight training bodybuilding – how many days week should you train?

The most common question asked in the bodybuilding training usually includes the frequency of training. Busy people don’t have enough time. Young people have too much time. Some people train two days a week. Others prefer the 6 or 7 days. What is the optimal number of training days per week? It depends on your goals!

If you just only from

If you just only out, start with 3 days a week and upwards. Your body will tell you when more frequency is required. Recovery is more time sick or sore, actually more important than training or diet, and many people often overlook this fact and spend as they always do.

Are you an advanced bodybuilder

If you’ve been training for 2 to 5 years, then you are ready for a beautiful split! There are two common methods to split the week for 4 days per week training.

-Four day split

1 Chest and abs

2. Back & biz

3. Rest/cardio

4. Shoulders/tris

5. Legs
6 turn off

7 from

-Push / pull split

1 Chest, shoulders, triceps

2. Back, biceps, legs

3. Rest/cardio

4. Chest, shoulders, triceps

5. Back, biceps, legs

6 turn off

7 from

Are you an advanced bodybuilder

Five to six days per week deals beneficial if you are an advanced bodybuilder, or if a low intensity trainer more with heart and cardiovascular health as maximum muscle mass gains to make.

-Advanced bodybuilders

Advanced bodybuilders often use high volume training, hit some parts of the body two-to three times per week.


For older people or those who are only interested, “toned down” six days a week of low-intensity exercise very effective might. Is three days of weights and three days of heart, alternately, the most effective method for achieving the cardiovascular and muscle transfer.