Weight lifting exercises

Weight lifting exercises are programs to improve health and fitness. It is typically a problem know what weight lifting exercises that are suitable for an o, get their personal goals. There are different types of exercises, which, however, it is difficult, when choosing the right routine for you can choose from.

The benefits of weight lifting exercises

There are very many people who think that weights to lift, which is for young people. However, if these routines are well done, are they helpful for everyone age for building muscle and endurance improvement. These weight lifting exercises will increase mass therefore your muscle mass, that this will speed up your metabolism reducing body fat.

To use weight lifting exercises, you need to be a competitive bodybuilder, because you improve your physical performance and improve your appearance. This is a weight-lifting exercise, that is adapted to your needs.

Build your muscles as your heart and lungs work usually improves your health. And helps take in women, who for this.

Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are able to stress, to resist, while achieved through strength training the ability of muscle pulls enhanced flexibility and reduces back pain

Weight lifting exercises can the effects of sarcopenia, which is hold an age-related loss of muscle mass, strength, and function. So at the age of 30 there is loss of muscle mass % 3-5, thus gain more complicated daily tasks and slows down your metabolism, which will increase the weight.

Weightlifting has also a positive effect in reducing the various health risks such as insulin resistance, blood pressure, body fat, resting, metabolism and gastric-intestinal transit time exercises, these are factors that are related to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

In the weightlifting exercises used parts of the body

The most common mistakes that people do are you trying to get through the wrong exercises or using a wrong exercise program muscle. Here are some weightlifting exercises that will help you, arranged in the part of the body, which they train muscle.

  • Chest:-bench, pressing and flat dumbbell bench press. They are suitable for the promotion of the middle and lower areas of the breast.
  • Rear: – one of the best back the pitch over barbell rows is strength exercises. Press weight lifting exercises are designed especially for the growth of the shoulders, only secondarily for the triceps and fall.
  • Weapons:-triceps press, dips and inclined biceps curls. Pull the connection press the arms these areas are working well and muscles.
  • Quads:-the two large exercises for lean people are front squats and lunges. You strengthen, build and improves muscle tone. They are very easy to do and need no equipment.
  • Hip:-there are two types; the dead lifts and stiff leg dead lifts. The dead lifts are used to work the whole body and not just the hips, the other muscles used to lift the weight. The others; Function to ensure stability of the body.

Weight lifting exercises packing on muscle mass

You need not strange and there is expensive equipment to use, get the best weightlifting exercises, basic exercises will help you to achieve your goal in building muscle mass, here are a few of them:-.

  • Squatting:-it is the best way of weight lifting exercise, if carried out religious build massive squads and m. biceps femoris, strengthen the gluteal muscles and to improve athletic performance. They promote also anabolic hormonal response, which increases the whole body muscle mass.
  • Dead lift:-it covers every muscle in the body and allowed Weightlifters to handle more weight with any other movement. It is not only a great top but a thick figure, which will have only strong athletes.
  • Bench press:-it is a standby exercise for building muscle mass and upper body. Although other trainers are on switching to dumbbell and machines, all one by a large amount of muscle mass gain.

It is important to note that before to do the weightlifting exercises you have the right attitude, nutrition and recreation. It is also important that you have the right attitude, reach your goal and the right motivation, festzuhal on your plan