Wedding planning – from a personal trainer

For a wedding workout plan must that can burn the most calories and lose muscle while still fat. Yes, it is possible to burn fat and build muscle must have the correct training program. Turbulence Training is a program that is proven to help lose males and females, a significant amount of fat.

Wedding workout plan should have body strength exercises and compound movements. The last thing that you want to do that, is an isolation exercise. An isolation exercise burns half calories as a compound exercise. Wedding workout plan should also intense and short. It has been proven that intensive work and short is cheaper than moderate and long.

Here is a practice list for a wedding workout plan.

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Chin-ups
  4. Jumping Jack
  5. Sprint
  6. BUR pees
  7. High knee
  8. Bridge
  9. Presses (bench, overhead, etc.)
  10. Squat jumps
  11. Dead lifts
  12. Core exercises (non abs)
  13. Kettle Bell training

If you notice that most of the exercises are all body strength exercises. This is advantageous, body strength exercises because you can do practically anywhere and need no gym. Turbulence Training combines all of these exercises in a solid wedding workout plan. The training program also demonstrate the correct form for all of the exercises so you get the most benefits out of them.

I use this type of training to all my clients and the results were simply outstanding. Will lose weight, fat burned and not spending hours at the gym! Everything they had to do is a few intensive training and proper nutrition!

Update: 10.05.10. A wedding workout plan is now updated on a regular basis. Make sure to check it out and find valuable information, are looking to make the best at your wedding