Understanding of the ECA stack

Ephedrine alone can help to greatly increase the metabolism, but also comes with a stimulation of the nervous system. Caffeine isn’t a tremendous help for metabolism alone, but if the use of ephedrine combination is added, amazing. Aspirin will also help to reduce the effects of the stimulus, and is the “A” in the abbreviation of ECA. The ECA stack is a unique combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin – which greatly enhance weight loss attempts, increasing energy, and give a boost in their performance athletes.

There are guidelines, which can be tracked, that will provide the best results when using the ECA stack. In General, the ratio should be E-1, C-10 parts on the one hand and A-3.

Example of a standard dosage chart:

Ephedrine 20-30mg
Caffeine 200mg (equivalent to about 2.5 cups of coffee)
Aspirin 75mg

The best dosage and schedule varies from person to person, as body weight and the individual objectives of each person is dependent on. However, in no case go over 75-100 mg daily dose of ephedrine. If you are using the ECA stack combination, they should be taken on an empty stomach. The best time to take would but no more than 3 times a day about 1 hour before meals. There should be only once a day when first start an ECA stack regime, which should be included into the day or 30 minutes early before a workout or breakfast.

At the launch of the ECA stack has initially only a dosage (recommended dosage) per day, preferably 30 minutes before the training recommended 30 minutes before breakfast or first thing in the morning.

The ECA stack dosage pump normally divided into several doses per day.

ECA stack should use a on and off and not consistently be taken for a long time. Its ‘ been shows that have the Andrenergenic knocked down in a week, and adrenal fatigue. If used constantly week for week, greatly increased the risk of a catabolic effect on the muscles.
In the course of time the body is unresponsive on the specified dosage, which got used to it. This requires dosage amounts increased, still no results appear. However, it is believed that three doses is daily, that most should do what someone. The last dose of the day should sleep early keeps.

Last recording from the ECA stack in any weight loss regime should be no longer than 12 weeks at a time. 12 Weeks the longest anyone should be used the ECA stack daily, then at least 12 weeks it should pull out. If the ECA stack for more than 12 weeks, the chance is looking for and other destructive side effects increases.

On the same reason not ephedrine should be taken either for amounts of time. However, it is the maximum period for only four weeks.

Available for the use of ephedrine, might not be much hunger. It is important to eat enough calories throughout the day to keep. Make sure sufficient calories per day and maintain a reliable training program. If this is done, ephedrine is not remotely burn fat will burn, but also removed muscle in the body. Fat loss is usually within felt by a few weeks, also if there no changes to diet or exercise. Of course will be improved considerably, when used with a healthy way of life. People should realize that with the ECA stack it dangers, as the ephedrine alone can cause, that the heart rate rise. Combination of ephedrine and caffeine can cause drastic changes in the body.