Understand the relationship between low blood sugar and weight loss

To understand weight loss and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is not complicated, but it requires a little time and know.

Her blood sugar levels must give your cells from the blood, where she used immediately or stored. But if your cells don’t respond to insulin, it can enter your cells. Then, it is stored as fat around the body – especially the waist in men.

The hidden connection to weight loss is the low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. This leads to a feeling of tiredness. Then, the body wants an immediate source of energy, we think that Choclate or a carbonated drink is to get the job done.

What would cause that the cells do not respond to insulin (insulin resistance)? First, the type of food and the food that you have would up. Refined foods such as white flour, biscuits and chocolates will also affect low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and the release of insulin.

In addition live. Work pressure, no exercise, and the candle burning at both ends cause also insulin resistance. So one of the first steps in the acquisition of control of the weight is to overcome the high and low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) of the body.

How does this happen? What happens when you start a diet? It depends on the type of food you take. Create a slow supply of insulin and a slow increase in the blood glucose, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

But various carbohydrates, food, pasta and white bread, refined carbohydrates, such as bakery go through the process of digestion much faster because they have little fiber.

The result of eating a cookie is almost immediately: blood sugar levels spike soon after collapse to low (hypoglycemia). In General, it is these highs and deep, which will cause a strong desire to more refined carbohydrates and a tendency that, to ignore a diet. Your insulin is out of control, and soon, fat is stored.
The introduction of at least some balance to your diet must be eaten 20 35gms of fiber per day. This does two things – it removes cravings and controls weight.

In addition to a useful tool for the low blood sugar spikes to escape normal to insulin and reduce fat store to keep increasing your number of meals in your diet. No, no invitation to binge eating, but advice, to the size of your three daily meals to reduce and 5 – 6 times a day eat this.

George R. regularly slumped in the afternoon and needed a jolt of refined cake or chocolate. Carefully dividing his meals in half – and with conscious effort – he made 5 or 6 small meals of 250-300 calories.

And he kept the basics of mini meals ready on his desk or in his car. With cottage cheese, nuts, two pieces of fruit and cheese in the vicinity, could he the hunger pains at Bay to keep and don’t go back to his old way to eat on refined products.

Best during his levels back in the balance of expert diet came, his body kept storing fat. His weight stabilized and then after a few months started dropping.

“I have these steps I the occurrence of hypoglycemia and dangers of heart disease and diabetes undo”, he said.

George noted that through carefully examined the causes for low blood sugar and weight loss, and based on his new knowledge of dieting soon a well balanced happy life he.