Tuberculosis treatment for sinus, Sysmptoms and homeopathy remedy

Tuberculosis was almost non-existent in the developed world, but is a recent resurgence. Patients with TB in their lungs or throat coughs, can laugh, sneeze, sing or even speak, the germs, the TB cause be distributed into the air. If another person in these bacteria breathing, there is a chance, that they are infected with tuberculosis.  Repeated contact is usually required for infection.
A person with TB infection have no symptoms. A person with TB disease may have any, all or none of the following symptoms:
1 Asymptomatic in early stages; even if they only latent TB infection
2. Early infection symptoms:
• Fever
• Chills
• Sweat
• Night sweats
• Flu-like symptoms
• Gastrointestinal symptoms
• Weight loss
• No appetite
• Weakness
• Fatigue

3. Symptoms of chronic pneumonia (tuberculosis):
Cough lasting •
• Pain in the chest
• Cough plus bloody sputum
• Shortness of breath
• Breathing difficulties
• Recurring bouts of fever
• Weight loss
• Progressive shortness of breath
• Urine discoloration
• Cloudy urine
• Reddish urine
Komplikationen- The list of complications mentioned in various sources for tuberculosis include:
• Pneumothorax
• Pleural effusion
• Miliary Tuberculosis – abscesses in various parts of the body on several occasions.
• Spinal TB
• Tuberculous meningitis
• Renal TB
• Peritonitis
• Pericarditis
• Lymph node infection
• Infection of the fallopian tubes
• Intestinal infection
• Addison’s disease
• Death – high mortality rates by 40-60% if left untreated.
1 Phosphorus [Phos]
Phosphorus is indicated in tuberculosis in large, fast-growing adolescents. PHOS has a cough from tickling in the throat; worse from cold air, read, laugh and talk, out in the cold air from the warm room. Sweet taste when coughing. Hard, dry, dense, racking cough. Congestion of the lungs. Burning pain, heat and oppression of the chest. Tightness across the chest with a large weight on the chest. Sputum is rusty, blood coloured or purulent.2. Arsenicum Iodatum [Ars IOD]
It seems likely that in arsen we a solution to the most likely allies to manifestations of tuberculosis have iodine. In the early stages of tuberculosis even though it’s an afternoon rise in temperature, Ars iodine very effective. It appears irritable pulse, cachexia, recurrent fever, sweating through a deep bows, rapid, Tendency to diarrhea. This remedy is indicated in tuberculosis patients in case of a cachexia with good appetite; in Amenorrhœa, with Anæmic palpitations and Dyspnœa. Cough is dry with difficult expectoration.3. Bacillinum [b]
Baci has used successfully in the treatment of tuberculosis; its good effects seen in the change of sputum, that are reduced and is more carbonated and less purulent. The patient expectorates of less. In the study, patient has bubbling rattling noise and Muco purulent expectoration. This Muco purulent expectoration of TB patients is poly Bazilläre; It is a mixture of different types and Bacillinum is therefore really in cases of MDR-TB (multi drug resistant tuberculosis) specified. Often relieves constipation of the lungs, thus paving way for other means at a tuberculosis. 4. Tuberculinum [tub]
Pan is the undisputed value in the treatment of tuberculosis. It is designed for the light sweep, topics have fiber, relaxing powers narrow chest lax too low and very susceptible to changes in the weather. Patient is always tired; Movement causes that intense fatigue; There is reluctance to work; want permanent changes. If symptoms are constantly good remedies do not improve and cold is taken the slightest risk. Coughing is thick with more plentiful and easy discharge. There is shortness of breath with a feeling of suffocation, even with lots of fresh air. Patient longs for cold air. It’s hard, hacking cough, profuse sweating and weight loss, rattling noise on the whole breast. Deposits start at the apex of the lung. 5 Stannum Metallicum [Stannum met]
The Chief action of Stannum met focuses on the respiratory system. Weakness is widespread, if Stannum is the remedy, in particular the weakness of the chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs, characterized by profuse Muco purulent discharge on tuberculosis basis. G