Try egg whites for effective weight loss & good health

Beginning of a new year is often a time for us, about our diet and lifestyle to thinking habits. Let’s keep it often a target, new possibilities, to our essential nutrients, thereby consuming to find it less fat and calories. An easy way to accomplish this is to integrate more protein dishes in our diet.

Although egg yolks contain important nutrients and healing are found on our health in mass, the protein is a healthier choice for weight loss and muscle building. Why protein?

Egg whites have no carbs, no fat, no cholesterol and no trans fats.

It is a known fact that the substitute egg whites for whole eggs reduces the amount of fat and calories in your diet. In your daily cooking with egg whites can also help lower your cholesterol. Cholesterol, which is in the egg is located in the egg yolk. One egg yolk contains about two-thirds of the recommended daily intake of 300 mg of cholesterol.

Studies have shown that protein is an excellent source for pure natural protein.

The natural proteins found in egg whites are ideal to build the supply of amino acids to build muscle. The protein contains close to 40 species of proteins and other important nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. In fact the protein in the egg white, egg whites, substitute called found identified as the unique standard-food scientists still seek food, drinks and meals reproduce bar creations.

Proteins provide the only protein that is immediately absorbed by the body.

Other protein-rich foods such as meat and protein bars and drinks must be broken down by your body before the protein can be absorbed. This extended approximately 1/3 of the protein to receive the process results in your body, if the distribution is completed. Eliminate this degradation process makes a protein better source 100% natural source of protein.

Eggs for breakfast food is an effective weight loss strategy.

Because protein is as an excellent source of high quality protein without the calories are consumed protein in the morning you give your body the fuel in fat and calories to burn while toning needs. Studies such as those at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that the participants eat two eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight and feel more energetic than those who had a bagel with the same amount of calories.

You can substitute whole eggs for egg whites in almost everything.

Because egg whites are so versatile, they are in all kinds of food such as egg white omelets, breakfast sandwiches and salads used. 2 Servings protein for every whole egg in recipes reduce the cholesterol and calories in your meal can be replaced. In baking, you can add a tablespoon or less liquid vegetable oil for a moist consistency.