Training for fat loss in your heart rate target range

When starting an exercise program, are often statements or instructions to find and remain within a target heart rate range. For the beginner exercise participants, these conditions can seem like Latin. A simple process that can be more effective, burn your training more and more fat is to find your target heart rate range.

Fat burning occurs when the heart rate within a certain range for a longer period of time is guaranteed. This area is called the heart rate target zone. A mathematical equation can be used to find this area.

(1) Find your maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate of a person is required to find the target heart rate range. The maximum heart rate is simply 220-(Ihr Alter). For example, a 50-year-old woman, who wants to find your maximum heart rate gave her no. 220 and her age (50) would subtract the maximum heart rate of 170.

(2) A small Department. If the maximum heart rate is calculated, is just make the target heart rate range. The physical fitness and fat burning heart rate usually ranges from 50% of the maximum heart rate to 85% of maximum heart rate. For the 50-year-old woman, the target heart rate range is 85 beats per minute to 145 beats per minute.

By using target heart rate range

First, are in this area, you are a guide for the exercise to do every day. The lower number should be your friend in the entire training. This is the lowest heart rate, which should be maintained for a longer period of time to enable the fat burning mode of the muscles. How increase your physical fitness, the upper parts of the target heart rate range can be achieved to enhance fat burning during exercise.
How long do I have an increased heart rate to maintain

The body stores carbohydrates for energy, and these stores are the first fuels are burned by the body. In General, aerobics or increase the heart rate, only the carbohydrates will burn the first 15 minutes a workout. After the burning of fat begins and every step, lift, punch and kick take a few more fat calories from this body.

Notes for beginners

It is important for the person who just only a fat burning training program, to seek medical advice before starting. The heart rate range targets assume a healthy person with no associated health problems. There are effective remove opportunities for every person by burning fat, but if weight loss is not a negative effect on the body are directed a health problem associated with these methods certainly its a good trade.

For the healthy individual are the lower areas of your home for the first few days, up to two weeks. The main reason people stop is an exercise program for fat burning due to burn-out. Their bodies are tired, your muscles are aching and you no longer want to do. By sticking with the bottom and slowly the area climbing, your body will adapt faster and their desire to be less pain.