Traditional Indian food to maintain a healthy weight

These days people think twice before consuming a food. They are more health-conscious then fit ever before thanks to spread awareness of the benefits of being of all time. Often traditional Indian food is preferred not a lot of people who are on a weight loss scheme. This is because the way of preparation of these dishes is so that it either deep fry or further use of ghee [Butteroil]. However, is the fact that Indian food, which, the UK in many ways much can be prepared. There are certain ways the kitchen of food to ensure that it uses the ghee to a lesser extent, and there are no dry roast the ingredients in oil. If you are aware of these aspects, the same food can be eaten, while retaining its original flavor. If you want to keep on a weight loss scheme or your existing good weight, you need some tips to prepare traditional Indian dishes. First the recipes avoid all together, where deep frying. Frying simply means that the ingredients for more time in oil may be soaked. You can opt for less quantity of oil, is the healthy way to cook food. Then, you should roast the ingredients such as spices and vegetables in fast way that take very little time. In this way it will eat be healthy, how to obtain the beneficial nutrition through the oil for your health. Have the meat in oil Brown, you should do the first then put some oil such as sunflower or vegetable oil in a good non-stick pan. Do not use much oil to and instead spray the surface of the Pan, with very small amount of oil. A small amount of oil is sufficient to soak to Brown meat without much oil. Coconut or Coconut cream and oil should be avoided if you are on a weight-loss regime. But many South Indian dishes are incomplete without this oil. But can the coconut yogurt and other products to replace the traditional Indian foods and spices. If you are a non-vegetarians, the tandoori recipes are good way of low calorie and low carbohydrate. You can fish, chicken or shrimp in a mixture of low-fat yogurt, ground cumin, ground coriander, ground turmeric, crushed garlic, root, ginger, and chili powder to taste and to make the dish on the burner for at least one hour. You can serve it with salad and lemon squeeze in. If you are vegetarian or do not want to consume high-calorie, much meat due to its then there are many recipes that use vegetables and legumes. These recipes are very tasty and you can enjoy them in any amount because this traditional Indian food less calories count.