Thigh surgery list is an excellent and Bestway surgerical procedure to achieve firmer and more attractive-looking upper legs. It is helpful especially for those who have loose, excess skin as a result of weight loss. Thigh lift or thighplasty can help tone and refine your legs.

Thigh lift surgery mainly has three types. They thigh list are inner and bi-lateral thigh lift and medial thigh lift. The inner thigh lift is for those who have trouble losing excess fat from this area of the body through diet and exercise. During lift on inner thigh, an incision is made at the junction of the thigh and pubic area. A wedge of skin, and possibly fat is then removed and the skin in tightened to provide to improved leg contour and enhanced skin elasticity.

Whereas bilateral thigh lift surgery helps to tighten skin on the front and outside of the leg. during a bilateral thigh lift, the surgeon makes at the incision at the top of the leg where the lower edge of underwear would be. Later certain amount of skin is then removed before the surgeon pulls the remaining skin up and attaches it to the same area.

In medial thigh lift excess skin and fat on the upper portion of the inner thigh is reduced. During a medial thigh lift procedure, an incision is made in the groin that goes to the back of the crease of the buttock. Skin in then lifted and excess skin and fat are removed to improve the shape of the leg and tighten the skin.

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