The truth about the 100-calorie snacks and 100 calories diet-explosion

The truth about the 100-calorie snacks and 100 calories diet-explosion

Jeanie Blanton-Trimble

September 14, 2010

Brothers and sisters Tammy and Susie Trimble appeared with a completely new and unique idea, when she wrote The 100-calorie-diet-book in 2007.  This book completely revolutionized how we look at calories in our food.  ” The 100 calorie way to eat.” the authors emphasized in her book  Although their idea of producing not snacks of 100-calorie supplements, top food companies jumped on the bandwagon, and the new and exciting 100-calorie snack idea was born.

Soon, every time we went on the market, the shelves were snacks in 100-calorie packs of chips to muffins.

Big food companies like diluted Nabisco, chops ahoy, hostess, Sally’s, Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, honey maid, kudos, Lance, Nutter butter, Oreo, planters, Sun chips, Twizzlers, wheat and Ritz made the 100 calorie snacks, and they are very popular with the public.  Many consumers are to buy the 100-calorie snacks in various shapes.

Why are the 100-calorie snacks and foods with consumers so popular?  One of the reasons is that you feel you control of the calories that you consume if you know that they an and packed in the 100-calorie packs.  This kind of food gives you maintain peace of mind after you have used the Pack, you consume not the chips or what whatever you are eating, you know that you currently only 100 calories consumed you have eaten the whole pack.

I saw in some of the 100-calorie snacks from different manufacturers and some of the more popular are as follows:

Nabisco 100-calorie-Ritz snack mix.

Chips Ahoy 100 calorie snack pack

100 Calorie cheese NIPs

Trader Joe’s 100-calorie milk balls

Hershey’s 100 calorie of bar dark chocolate

Hershey’s 100-Caloire pretzel bars

Hershey’s 100-calorie wafer bars

Honey maid cinnamon thin crisps 100 calorie packs

Of course, there are many more, just Google 100-calorie snacks and see what you come up with.

Some of our popular magazines jumped on the bandwagon for these 100-calorie snacks.  Good Housekeeping came up with an article titled, “the best snacks 100 calories or less.”  Within the article, there are lists of fruits and snacks for 100 calories or less.  Also, the magazine, women’s healthwas the 100-calorie snacks and diet-explosion.  Women’s health Magazine has called an interesting test 100-calorie test.  If you do the test, it gives you two choices of food and one contains just 100 calories of them.  If you want to take this test, you will find in the women’s Health Magazine Web site (Google health women’s magazine), and give 100 calories.  This will bring up the test.  The specimens belonged to Hershey’s chocolate kisses.  I was surprised that 5 kisses were 100 calories.  Also I learned that 8 shrimp with cocktail sauce 2 tablespoons were 100 calories, so this is a very informed and interesting test to take.

The concept of the 100-calorie meals is to gain in popularity.  100 Calories Diet book by Tammy and Susie Trimble is based on your meals in increments of 100 calories food.  Now this does not mean, as you will be measured for lunch, but rather a nutritious meal to eat, a 100-calorie food with food in the increments of 100 calories, clear like in the book.  100 Calorie diet food journal did your 100 calorie-counts for all food, snack, drinks, appetizers, sandwiches and articles page!  Wow!

Some diet have this a step beyond this approach and try to eat some foods, measured in increments of 100 calories in the course of the day.  By eating this way they plan their food so that at the end of the day, that ate them, a certain amount of calories, which feed on what needs to lose it for them, weight 100 calories.

The question of the us questions, we have to is “these snacks help us to maintain our current weight, or if we need to lose weight, they help us lose weight?”  I think the 100-calorie way of eating a new and exciting way to diet and healthy permanent weight loss is.  The only way we can successfully lose weight is to cut down on our food portion size and the Ausübu