The pizza with children

Okay, you have come to your House 10 children under 10 years of age and you have to keep them. Are you looking for something interactive and fun. You also have to feed these children. What are you doing? Make the answer, pizza!

Kids will love the time in the kitchen enjoy, if you do a funny, interactive and can make tasty. Creating mini pizzas is appealing a great way; so whip out your aprons and cook.

When cooking with children, it is important to allow your hands to get messy and experiment a little. Children love pouring, measuring, mixing and try their own pizza creations. Unfortunately, no kids on counting can be, tidy in the kitchen be a little relaxation and patience wearing are a long way.

Safety first pizza Cook:
Prepare pizza offers a good opportunity to discuss food safety with children. You can discuss issues such as kitchen hazards; Think knives, boiling water, etc. An alternative to teaching should frequent reminders of what is okay to touch and what should stay away. You want to wash kitchen rules, such as hands and not to touch the stove or electric mixer.

Preparing to integrate learning in pizza:
At this time you have already taught the children about the kitchen safety, but there is much more that can teach you when to make pizza with children. Children of school age can use their math skills as they help measure and ingredients. Just think of these wonderful breaks which must be added, reduced, etc.
You can also have the opportunity to speak, the ingredients you choose discuss good nutrition and why. Also you add no fresh vegetables, you will be amazed what kids will eat when it is covered in cheese and a pizza that they have created.

Pizza making quality time:
Probably the best reason is one pizza with children for the time. Think about how much fun is a mini pizza assembly line especially when the children are responsible for the selection of its own crust, cheese, sauces and toppings.

Make sure to supplement the child on the work and offer your child the first taste of the pizza. Ask what they think and you can even think about, they judge the pizza on the taste, batter, coating, etc. This gives them a chance to find out what might change it for the next time.

Here are some easy pizza recipes and pizza dough recipes make that you might consider.