The paleo diet? Chances are, you are already

The paleo diet (also known as the Caveman diet) is a way of eating that has grown in popularity in recent years. This way of eating is often together with “Low-Carb” food, with a few distinctions a pot. It is very much in fashion, and many people have reported great health benefits. However, if you are overweight, chances are very high that you are already on the real Caveman diet really ‘nutrition see”.

The theory behind the project description is a paleo diet, that our bodies to metabolize best to lean protein (meat and seafood) and plant foods (fruit and vegetables). When Caveman stopped hunting and gathering and began the cultivation of cereals and they make a large part of its diet, disease, such as in the skeletons of prehistoric man vs. agricultural man occupied. Grains are inherently high-Glycemic, which helps blood sugar imbalance, diabetes and weight gain, while protein and vegetables are low-Glycemic. And never mind the sugar and fat, which would come later in the story. Although the Caveman lifespan is shorter, this was usually rather poor health due to accidents or injury (such as an animal will be killed).

This makes sense – more natural, low-Glycemic Foods to eat to lose weight and feel healthier. But the advantages for the modern man possibly not as dramatic as the literature would suggest, and the application may not be the easiest. The important consideration, rarely spoken on the paleo diet websites is the level of physical activity needed to obtain a healthy body. Cavemen hunted their food, and even if they are hunting and just walking, not, they got far more daily activity than the modern human, who gets in the car and take the escalator. The opportunity in this diet muscle mass promoting mass is likely limited, when you are not exercising. This is in fact, the diet that many bodybuilders use to maintain their muscle mass.

The other part of the lifestyle difference is the fact that cavemen eat not necessarily every day. They hunted, they gathered. Maybe she ate a handful of berries here and there between kills. Intermittent fasting was a way of life. If she kill a successful have to not eat them with “Portion control” in the eye. She crowded, and they because they don’t know if they wanted to eat the extra calories as fat, saved for a rainy day. (Extreme modern paleo diet followers have regular periods of fasting, as well as vigorous exercise routines).

This is how our bodies are really designed to work. Should be machines very efficient fat storage. We are also biologically programmed, see them eating and food to it be stored. This is problem, that our body can calculate how much are already away stored, so that it can only push the fat regardless of how much already stored. The feeling of fullness we should know to be our biological protection against overeating, but that most Americans eat way past the feeling of “full” feeling “filled.” This is how people today can weigh 1000 kg. Would the healthiest Caveman in our modern society to set, what do think you it was going to happen? He would quickly become a Caveman unhealthy, overweight. There is no limit to the amount of fat that we can hold, until we die of the diseases associated.

You can see why obesity is not necessarily our fault, because we are designed to store fat. And you can also see, why only the “right” foods wouldn’t eat for weight loss is equated, if we also the proper amounts of food and at the right times of the day. We are just a bunch of cavemen living in a world of high-fat, high carbohydrate foods that appeal to our Caveman brain (and the large food market company directly to this part of the brain) by the way. At the end of weight loss is our mind not calories partly about what we eat, but above all learn how reprogram to eat, if we want to see them. It might be healthy to eat, what cavemen ate, but really we need to stop eating like cavemen ate, if we are not prepared to do, the fast