The key to recovery after exercise

What is recovery?

Recreation is the period immediately following a meeting or training session. This is the time when your body repairs from stress and strain he was exposed by movement. As well as rest and relaxation plays a crucial role in your body the nutrition the possibility to recover. Carbohydrates, protein and hydration are the main dietary factors, that will give you a faster recovery.


This is the source of energy, the you need to perform your training, much like the fuel tank in your car you can’t go very far on an empty tank. It is fair to say that after a session your ‘ fuel Tank’ will be lower than when you started. That is why it is so important your tank before your next session recovery and re-stock. If you don’t fully recover, your next session may start with half a tank, and subsequently ‘burned out’ much faster during your session. We have all in the position when the low fuel gauge in the car lights, and we go into fuel saving mode automatically by slowing down and take it easy on the accelerator. We would not assume that we can go for hours on end up with low fuel, this is the same with our body – it would not be possible. Simple sugar carbohydrates, easy-to-digest are a good choice for a speedy recovery. Fresh fruit and yogurt is a good example.

-Immediately after the workout you consume 1 g carbohydrates per kg of body weight.


While a workout putting your muscles under stress and weaknesses it effectively. To restore muscles they need to be repaired. Protein is the ideal place to the aid of the repair process. As opposed to carbohydrates, not protein keep our body, so we need a drip feed of our body with rich protein throughout the day for maximum recovery. Good sources of protein would be things such as poultry, fish and dairy products. Tuna pasta bake would be ideal for a good mix of carbohydrates and protein (with much carbohydrates from pasta and protein of the tuna)

-Immediately after the workout, you consume 15-20 grams of protein.


During a training session, we lose some body fluid, usually in the form of sweat. It is very important that this fluid is replaced, to speed up the recovery process. We should aim at the fluid deficit of at least 150% and the increase in body temperature after the workout to compensate to replace. So if you lose after the workout 1 kg of body weight, the 1.5 L for recovery would equate then required. This amount of liquid should be drunk over a period of a few hours and not in a session.

-Drink 1.5 L of liquid per kilogram lost during training

3 Large recovery meals full of carbs and protein

Tuna pasta bake

Baked potato with baked beans

-Fresh fruit and yoghurt