The global history of the beep test

Although the beep test is still fundamentally the same, it is now loved by athletes, swimmers and cyclists as a method to measure their performance. His story is a broad and very few changes have been made since their invention in 1982.

Original from the University of Montreal, was a development of their track-test the bleep test. The track test used a standard 400 m hurdles to aerobic endurance type notes to assess increases every 60 seconds.  Made because weather conditions accurately assess performance impossible, the 20metre was born in shuttle test. This uses much less space and of course was short enough to perform covered in the House.  Leger and Lambert developed the concept of two minute frequencies through the introduction of sound in 1982. This was further reduced 1984 60 seconds beep test, which we all know and love today.

A test by any other name…

The beep or bleep test is known under many different names around the world, although the differences are small. VO2 max Tests in conjunction with the beep test is the amount of oxygen used during the heart-circulation training, general fitness level to measure the a more holistic view of a person.

The beep test is also the shuttle test, Yo-Yo test, aero test and the French common names, the origins of the test remains faithful to the-to appoint de Luc-Leger. The variation of the tests depends on travel frequency the audio sounds together with the distances in the rule expected.

The British National Coaching company use a test slightly differently, starting like it at 8 km/h to 9 km/h increases and then rose Leger and Lambert’s original, at 0.5 km / hr for each beep then.  The Australian rule of thumb this same, but Ireland start their exam at 8 km / h and then immediately increase by 0.5 km per hour at each stage to. This test is preferred by many, as it is a beep or bleep test but known it seems people as emerge better developed through the gentle gradient of the speed.

With the help of the beep test at home

It is this Queen’s University in Belfast Protocol, which seems many smartphone users at home be used because this is the most popular app of choice for the test your tone alone. However, follow the British version you can buy CDs download relevant apps or questions you your personal trainer, you sure that there will be related to modern technology.


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