The energy needs of the human body

The human body is very good adaptability, what they have, such as times of hunger. If your energy for the recording at a low level, while is a long time, your body reacts by famine in fashion. Can the body’s metabolism burn more energy in an economy reduce up to 30%. Her body starts with other sources of fuel in the absence of nutrient uptake, i.e., bone density and muscle mass (protein).

Their estimated daily energy requirement, which is based on the age, weight, height, and activity 9364 Kjoul per day (2240 calories). The contribution in the current function of the seven calendar days 7490 kilojoules (1790 calories). Your BMR (basic metabolic rate) is set to 5,508 kilojoules (1317 calories). This is the energy that you need daily, the functioning of the body, even in the absence of the bed!
A generally accepted rule for weight loss is effective for energy consumption by 20%. Or up to 500 calories per day to maintain between energy intake and output. It is the safety and efficacy in reducing the amount of energy the healthy fat loss. What is the fat loss without loss of lean muscle mass and negatively affects the performance.

Carbohydrates are the largest part of the fuel. It nourishes the muscles during exercise or resistance intense muscular work, is the main source of fuel during moderate to intense aerobic and fuel the brain.
A carbohydrate diet does not mean that her body, carbohydrates, it is difficult recovery, and fatigue has a cumulative effect increasing during the week. 100 G of glucose per day in the brain, the human body needs to
Rule for the people, with 120 g and 100 g per hour tested – a physical. It would be good, start gradually increase their consumption of carbohydrates in the form of complex, slow burn carbohydrates such as cereal, grains, strengthen, fruits and vegetables, especially around you are the storage of carbohydrates, the blood sugar level constant and efficient fat burning.
To a large part of their current of simple carbohydrates and GI carbohydrates in the form of sweets.

This is also in the contributions of the fibers of approximately 18 g. The best daily dose by 25 and 35 g. increases the quality of its sources of carbohydrates (whole, vegetables and legumes), you need the intake of dietary fibre.

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