The diet of a male model

“The history of the diet plan dated from the moment that the first constructed monkey, is a woman”. My familiar Jessica says so. Wow, you get the point. Also what she says is her “process of becoming beauty” can be a long, long way in human evolutionary history.
When we were students, I had them back to catch our residence from the square because this guy actually me such questions “Wil, why is there so much push candy on the floor? Are you sweety? If I had it? “. Now, she could eat not until transformer was you. I said to myself. What can I do? It was the only real sweets and huge Hamburg’s feeding this extreme hungry girl have to buy any food for three days!
Then I saved her life before endless jogging and Aerobics workout next time. After Jessica experience differential ‘keep-fit’-programs, and I go through the types of rescue stories.
I get the only result of Jessica’s Hussein is that losing weight is really, really hard, and beauty is cruel. I take comfort that it’s not bad, Ugly Betty will be, at least, I sure could Myselt and I live.
But one day Jessica emerges again, glamorous and bright. No baby fat, not laziness, but body toned and healthy!
I could not believe my eyes even. What did you learn about? A generous orthopedist?
They smile mysteriously and gives me the data. What is it? I read it with suspicion at first. During the process of reading, I’m convinced by Isabel de Rios. Yes, that is the truth of the beauty – be no harm for health and energetic.

Then I can some detailed study of the diet solution program, Isabel de Rios theory. I find that two new positions light diet solution program.
The first is that you are what you eat. Of course we eat every day, and to purchase energy from food. But perhaps people don’t know that some foods are good – nutrition for them. Some foods are bad – harmful for them. The diet solution program tells people how food you choose and what and when you eat.
The second is to rid the nature, people, so that she could design their own diet plans on different circumstances. That is, people will obey not strict rules, the day had just one Apple such as people or as 100 less calories otherwise would failed the diet plan!
To be honest, I have never been so easy and useful the diet solution programtaken. A few days later. I feel the whole body is full of energy, the fat disappears, even the pores on face is smaller.
What a magical program! You can read the eBook here , and a more beautiful for yourself.