The description of the Human Body

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The description of the human body (La description you corps humain) an unfinished treatise of Ren Descartes is written in the 1640s. Descartes felt themselves know was particularly useful. Medical knowledge were to do this for him. He hoped that slow down healing and prevention of diseases, to the aging process.
Ren Descartes believed that the soul caused conscious thought. The body caused automatic functions such as the beating of the heart and digestion he felt. The body was necessary for voluntary movement and the will. However, he believed the power to move the body mistakenly presented come from the soul. A sick or injured body doesn’t do what we want, or moves in ways that we don’t want. He believed that the death of the body it prevented the movement to bring suitable. This is not necessarily done, since the soul leaving the body.
Ren Descartes believed that the body through mechanical means alone could exist. This included digestion, blood circulation, muscle movement and some function of the brain. He felt, we all know how the human body is because animals have similar bodies and we have all seen, opened it.
He saw the body as a machine. He felt the heat of the heart caused by somehow all movement of the body. Blood vessels that he had recognized pipes, he saw that carried food to the heart digested veins. (This was by William Harvey. Harvey developed the idea of the circulation of the blood). Descartes felt that energetic part of the blood went to the brain and the brain a special type of air imbued with vitality that enabled the brain was to experience, think and imagine. This special air went through the nerves to the muscles to move.
The above is a remarkable mixture of progressive thoughts before his time and unproved, unsound speculation which would refer to this unscientific.
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