The dancer diet: rules and menu

We admire always the slender figure of ballet dancers. It is easy for you to have this figure. The only thing is to follow basic rules of diet for ballet dancers.

1 A portion of food 2 meals should be divided.

2. Soups are regarded as a separate Court, so that they can not be combined with other foods.

3. You can combine fish and meat in a meal because they contain a heterogeneous protein.

4. Consume dairy products with low fat content. Choose milk and dairy products should rather standardised milk and have the opportunity, it diluted with ice.

5. Factory made mayonnaise should be excluded from the diet. If you do not find forces, to give it up, you should prepare the mayonnaise at home itself. There are non-fat yogurt without the egg yolks and salt and with the addition of 1/3.

6 . It is important not to salt in the kitchen to use, and try to replace it with fresh herbs, or soy sauce.

7 . If drink 1, 1,5 liter mineral water. Drink water not less than 30 minutes before the meal and at least 1 hour after eating.

Before you start a ballet dancer diet you need two fast of data tools to achieve greater efficiency. Then, you start a diet. It may take repeated several days until you achieve the desired effect.
The first day of fasting:
Breakfast: a glass of tomato juice.
Lunch: 2 cups of tomato juice and a piece of bread.
Dinner: a glass of tomato juice.

The second day of fasting:
Breakfast: a glass of milk or yogurt.
Dinner: a cup of yogurt and a piece of bread.
Dinner: a glass of milk or a glass of kefir.

Ballerina’s diet menu

Breakfast: some nonfat cottage cheese and a glass of warm milk or yogurt.

Second breakfast: a cup of coffee, a slice of bread with butter, a teaspoon of honey.

Dinner: a tablespoon of boiled rice, drink a bowl of soup and a small piece of meat to eat.

Snack: an Apple or an orange.

Dinner: two hours before bedtime drink a glass of warm milk or yogurt with one teaspoon of honey.