The Afterburn effect: burn Afterburn training really fat?

“Afterburn effect” the fat loss magically not who believe some you want to make, it’s not all hype. It is a real thing and useful to integrate in your weight loss and fitness program.

Through each exercise, your body burns calories. Some of the calories burned during exercise, while others rest as your body is then be burned. Simply put, the calorie consumption can be described then as “Afterburn”. (Note: it is technically called EPOC: excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, refers to the fact that your energy is measured by your oxygen consumption).

What exercises Afterburn cause?

Various types of exercises lead to varying degrees:

  • Traditional cardio workout (i.e. cardio for a longer period of time constant moderate done) minimal Afterburn resulted. Many calories during your workout, but very few, then burned.
  • Strength training (i.e. weight training) and circuit training have a higher after burn as a traditional heart.
  • High-intensity exercises have typically a higher level of after-burn (heart or resistance training)
  • Interval training (bursts of high-intensity with very short breaks in between) has to exercise a greater degree of Afterburn, as with a constant intensity. (This applies especially to cardio, since circuit & strength training by the need, which are based on interval, if breaks are minimized).

For example, your Afterburn could increase, replacing your regular cardio training with high intensity interval cardio training. Or you could a low-intensity training replace resistance one with a high intensity.

How big is the effect?

The effect is helpful, but not the huge calorie some would have consumers believe:

  • It is a height of a few percentage points on your metabolic rate at rest.
  • But it can be anything from a few hours, a day or more.
  • Summed over the duration of Afterburn, this can anywhere between 30 and 150 extra calories burned (or more), depending on the exercise carried out make up.

While these numbers are not huge, if you do it correctly Afterburn can add a few percentage points to training your daily calorie burn. That adds up during the course of the time, and along with other small anything you do to improve your diet and exercise, certainly the scale towards fat loss tip.

It lets you eat more?

Despite what you have read (“local guy/gal one hundred pounds eating donuts and French lost fries, because this is a little secret”), Afterburn is a small but useful exercise tweak and do not justify increasing your calorie intake. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise can tweaking a free ticket for via food or poor nutrition. At least not in my experience.

It will burn fat for?

The metabolic processes of energy consumption during Afterburn differ during the exercise of which used:

  • During your workout, the energy draw the muscular & cardiovascular reserves within (primarily glucose). You’re burning fat not (in General).
  • After that, are these reserves fill repair & remodeling, and have a generally increased metabolism by hormones that are released during exercise.

Because your blood sugar be reduced after exercise, more is your body on your fat reserves for energy, he needs rest.

What is unknown or unclear about Afterburn?

Actually it is interesting how much we not know about the Afterburn effect, given how often it is quoted as a kind of miracle training technology (“do 30 minutes training per week and get awesome six pack abs while you sleep!”)

It happened slowly and carefully, as any scientific research. So while we going have a decent picture of what’s currently on, it will be some time before there is a clear and consistent view details.

Here are some of the factors, which are not currently well understood, and if they are, they appear not yet filtered into general circulation have.

  • Her sex. There are many biological differences between males and females. Be Afterbur