Surgeon Dayton Ohio round band perform Lap Band Surgery

A little bit about the city and State: Dayton, Ohio

Dayton is a city and the county seat of Montgomery County, Ohio, United States, in the southwestern part of the state.p >

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Actual definition of Lap Band Surgery

Want to lose may be not right for every individual, weight lap band surgery. Lap Band Surgery is a method that can be used to achieve important weight loss in people who are very obese (morbidly obese). A Daumengroße stomach pouch is that with a stapling or banding system then the outlet of the pouch to the gut of crucial bypass of the lower stomach is connected. The amount of calories that your body can recording heavy losses is reduced after surgery or weight loss results.

Procedures include

FOBI pouch gastric bypass, Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery, mini gastric bypass, Lapband (Laparoscopic gastric banding), gastroplasty, body composition analysis, weight-loss injections, and more.

Diseases / disorders treated

Physicians in this specialty care for patients suffering from many infections and diseases, but some of the most common are nutrition, eating disorders, metabolism, obesity, liposuction, Roux-en-Y laparoscopically and laparoscopic Lap Band.

Procedures performed

Once properly diagnosed, doctors can patients including Lap Band Surgery, perform many procedures, weight management and surgical weight loss.

Here you will find the lap-band surgeons in Dayton Ohio, which specialized in loss surgery with gastric bypass weight and lap-band surgery. I mentioned, including only a few weight loss doctors in Dayton Ohio.

  • David Fallang, MD, FACS
  • Bradley Osborne, MD
  • Jerry Sutkamp, MD