Strength training benefits women over 40

Strength training builds healthy lean muscle mass and creates an increase in the metabolism that persists throughout the day. Muscle tissue is naturally active, while stored body fat contributes little to your metabolism. In addition, if you resistance, not only will exercise your muscles with weight training or strength training burn calories during the exercise period, you will burn a greater number of calories then for hours as your muscles rebuild and recover.

Strength training benefits in particular over 40 women. When you combine strength training with aerobic cardiovascular training, you are a perfect combination for this post desired mix.

Many women fear that lifting weights or strength training causes them to build bulky muscles and lose their feminine look. This is an inaccurate representation of the impact has a strength training program on a woman’s body. Developing bulky muscles requires high levels of testosterone, which is missing women. The natural reaction for a woman’s body is to be slim and tight. Her arms and legs take an attractive shape and curve.

If then leave, women lose over 40 gradually healthy muscle mass and bone density. Strength training for women over 40 actually helps rebuild muscle tissue and increases bone density. Reportedly also a moderate strength training program can combat the effects of diabetes, arthritis and depression. Her body be stronger and leaner. You have of course more energy and a more positive, confident way. Everyday tasks such as food carry, easier children and stairs all hold. Strength training promotes healthy long ligaments and joint function.

You will compensate the muscle strength, muscle tone and muscle endurance to the goals by you running your sentences between 6 to 12 reps, 4 to 6 sets per exercise. Focus on quality and correct form. Lead slowly each Rep. This will help in proper breathing. Slower repetition reduces the amount of dynamism in motion, force your muscles harder work enhancing the positive effects, for a certain amount of weight, and reduce the risk of injury.

By you include strength training in your general fitness program, increase strength, body fat will improve the percentage of muscle mass, and you feel better about yourself.