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Have you worry still about weight loss? Recently, a new way to lose weight has become very popular on the Internet, it may be that a wise choice for you.

It is found by Brad Pilon, a nutritionist and researcher in this area.It is based on intermittent fasting diet in a healthy way to lose weight.It can not only help you lose weight quickly, but can also analyze the reasons for being overweight, to develop a healthy diet. You can eat food to stop.

Here I want to introduce the Special:

Eat stop eat is different to traditional weight-loss, and it requires no strict calorie plan or choose Diät.Stattdessen one or two days a week, these days you can eat only liquid foods, while in the other six days can eat anything you want to eat. It sounds awful, that you must eat only liquid food in a day, right? At the beginning, it is very difficult, as long as you are doing, you find that it is the most effective way to lose weight.

Traditional diet does work normally by controlling the types of food intake to reduce fat. in this way, it will slow down your metabolism. To keep your weight, you must continue to the types of food intake in the following time control. to lose weight, in this case, can not out of your life and it becomes a nightmare in your life. Eat will take off otherwise normal stop eat, it is indigestion not rebound, only one day a week. If you persistently, can achieve not only an effective target, you can make also your body healthier.

In addition, there are to mention many tips:

First of all, not everyone fits such a method. If you are pregnant or have diseases (diabetes, heart attack), you do not fit this program. so before you begin, you go to doctor Shonld and a physical examination and make sure, that is your body for the eat stop eat suitable.

Secondly eat eat stop requires a specific combination of strength training, so you lose weight without Loseing muscles and improve metabolism would make your body more and more healthy.

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