Sleep apnea and obesity, are they related?

What is sleep apnea? There are several types, but in this article, I will refer, the most common type: obstructive sleep apnea.   Always breathe not for up to 10 seconds at the same time.  One can imagine, but then again would as unpleasant as you want to know? It happens while you are sleeping.  Hundreds of times during the night.  Symptoms are:

  • daytime tiredness
  • Snoring
  • Focus problems, forgetfulness, depression or irritability
  • sudden awakening with a sensations gasping for air or gagging

See more WebMD. If the symptoms are not Uncompfortable enough, the consequences are even worse:

  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Increased risk for high blood pressure
  • structural changes in the coronary arteries

Sleep apnea and obesity can be treated both.

Studies show that… “Weight reduction was assigned to comparable reduction in the severity of sleep apnea… and reduction of hypertension.”  This is obesity education initiativein accordance with. Also to point out is that if someone is suffering through only 10 percent of their body weight lose sleep apnea and obesity, which can be reduced in a serious of sleep apnea by more than 50 percent!

Sleep apnea and obesity are the two diseases that are preventable and treatable, both diseases.

Now in extreme cases which you can both sleep apnea and obesity, opt for surgery, but more than likely your doctor will recommend that you a meal plan for weight loss.  At the end of one may still surgery, but with less weight, be fewer complications during surgery.  Doctors recommend patients in fact most, losing weight and exercising before most operations so that they heal faster and are then more mobile.

Overweight people can reduce a minimal amount of weight, again as little as 10 percent of their body weight and notice a huge difference in their symptoms such as: less daytime fatigue and less snoring (your partner will appreciate this more than you).

Do you suffer from sleep apnea, obesity, or both?

The best change you can make is actively and begin a fitness program, especially on foot and to incorporate healthy eating habits on the trip to reduce your Sleep apnea.  Please note that take off and train is the complete solution for Sleep apnea.  Most likely a sleep study be required to determine what kind of Sleep apnea , you may have.

Next, you will be equipped for a CPAP machine.  CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.  If you stop breathing during the night to stop, keep up to 10 seconds or longer, the CPAP machine is a constant stream of air into your lungs through a built-in mask.  This sounds Uncompfortable as well as too much “air” in my throat dry but distilled water also your CPAP machine is added daily to form a very light fog, prevent dryness in the throat. “

Have you permanently use a CPAP machine?

Explain only the time and that every single disease.  But even if you use a CPAP machine permanently, your will even better results by getting a more active role in your health through the reduction of fat, white flour and refined sugar, carbonated drinks (diet and regular) and adding at least a walking plan for your lifestyle.