Show good study skills to successful HSC ATAR and University life

In the year 2010 were more than 70,000 students, seeking the higher school certificate (HSC)-test. 70, 448 Students get a result in at least one HSC course. 65, were awarded the HSC 146 students; and 54 242 students were eligible to receive the ATAR. There were 107 individual students for coming first in 108 courses awarded; 7 of these students placed first in two courses.

For 2011, a record number of 72, have 391 NSW students hit the HSC examination. Who will be the all-rounder list, distinguished achievers list and top achievers in the course list? Everyone’s expectation is growing the publication of results is approaching on December 14th with ATAR calculator in the attack.

Effective study habits: for better HSC mark, ATAR and University life

The key to achieve a maximum is “smart, not hard”. If you have studied effectively, you achieve a higher mark in any case. Their study habits and skills in recent years are key to the success, not only in the HSC examination, but also in your college education. You have to follow your own study techniques on the basis of your learning style. There are studying several possibilities, but best not to copy other people’s style study, because it can work for them, but not for you. So, choose the process that works best for you. A good combination of the following schedule class schools, effective self study habits, efficient time management and the tuition of a quality school such as matrix education prepare for the rigors of school life – and give you also an additional edge in discipline and organisation, when they finally join the work force.

Always a high Achiever requires time, practice and hard work. If you’re committed to your goals, you have to work for it. Here are some general study techniques that can adjust or customize your learning style:

• Study schedule
o proper time management is important, because every hour counts.
o save time a well planned schedule as you your school, social, personal balance and life.
o a good study time is the time when you are well rested and alert.
Don’t be afraid o, to change your schedule if it helps to develop your study habits.
o allocate time most productive way, because leisure as wasted time can land.

• Learning environment
o select a comfortable place of not disturbing is you. Avoid areas, crowded and are, if you are easily distracted by sound and movement to you.
o avoid you get during your studies through your phone, your social-media applications and TV turn off interrupted.

• Study strategies
o create you effective thinking skills that fit you.

* SQ3R method – survey, what you have to study. Who ask what, why, how, when, and where your object is. Read active by taking note of fat, specifically underlined or italicised text, tables, graphics and illustrations; Recite what you read, to remember what you have read and studied; Check what you have and go over your notes to clarify that you is not clearly understood.

* Notes with and precise lecture notes. Record keywords or phrases instead of long prison sentences. Reorganize after the speech in your own words. Work over your notes according to the simple verification later.

Study skills are developed overnight. But good study habits, get your student life, the desired results achieved through you, and sets the standard for your future career.