Seth explains overall weight loss: diet and exercise

Sources say that Seth Rogen lost weight due to a diet called ‘the five factor diet’

In this post, I will analyze and explain the five factor routine and compare it to other routines as well.

The below is sourced from the official website of the five factor diet:

Seth Rogen’s weight loss explained: his diet and workout

5 week plan
This plan is designed to give you results in five weeks! And it’s so easy and effective that may naturally turn you your five-week plan into a lifestyle (as many of Harley’s personal clients continued to do).

5 meals a day
Say so long to hunger and cravings. By eating five 5-factor meals every day, not only will you start losing weight but you’ll feel less hungry throughout the day!

5 ingredient meals
Eating delicious and healthy meals doesn’t have to be hard. Members get hundreds of recipes that use only five ingredients and take only five minutes to prepare.

25 minute workouts
Based on Harley’s training experience, he believes that working out more often for shorter periods of time is more effective than spending hours at the gym.

5 cheat days in 5 weeks
Taking a diet break one day a week can empower you. You should never feel as if you’re in a diet prison! Plus, Harley believes that controlled cheating can actually help you reach your goals.

5 week plan:

To tell the truth, I never see the point of something which says ‘ 4 week plan ‘ mean or something, I what after the four weeks? Do you get back to hogging donuts?

Of course, I am sure nobody would do that but like he himself suggests that a lot of people make the ‘5 factor diet’ a lifestyle, which is all well and good other than the fact that eating in small quantities multiple times a day has been covered a million times anyway.

Five meals A day and five ingredients a day:

This is good logic, its useful to keep the metabolism revving like an engine.

There is one more condition to the eating:

each meal should constitute of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, good fat and low GI fiber.

Sources of lean protein would be: Turkey, fish, egg whites and pork chops (google for more sources)

Complex carbs include: Brown rice, wheat bread, vegetables, cereal (this of so effectively includes the fiber)

Sources of good fat are: olive oil, walnuts, almonds, fish (other meats so have some good fat)

The diet so latter on a high water intake.

25 minute workout:

This part indicates that the routine is not very intense and the speed of results will be just above average.

It goes in this fashion:

5 minute warm up:

5 minute upper body

5 minute lower body

5 minute cardio

5 minute stretching

Now circuit training is good for losing fat at a moderate speed but it is nothing compared to HIIT.

I you bluff not but if you do my routine, you’ll lose weight much faster (although mine is way tougher to do)

The exercise is always good for you, so props to him anyway but I always prefer heavier workouts with much higher intensity.

5 cheat days in 5 weeks

Thats the person’s lookout.

Personally if you ask me, there should be no. CHEAT DAYS.

I mean imagine gobbling down the transfat in the pizza, it nearly screwes up 3-4 days of your hard work, why cheat on your Elf?

I never said food doesn’t have to be tasty, of course you have to eat tasty food but HEALTHY TASTY FOOD.

No. catastrophe stuff, period.

If I have to rate this routine, I’ll give a 6.5/10

I mean I understand this diet is good but it is not great and like the creator of this diet himself says it, this diet is created for celebrities who have like almost no time on their hands and ability to spend a load of cash.

This diet is useful when you travel insanely and get no time whatsoever to have a tough routine.

So think about it if this routine suits you.

My guess is that at maximum you can loose 7-8lbs a month.

Even Seth Rogen didn’t loose more than what… 30 pounds? in like 9 months? Thats terrible in my opinion.

You could lose that much in 4 months if you are doing a really tough routine with heavy workouts.

Of course, I would recommend this routine to you if you are on extremely busy person.