Seed right in your mind-garden to ensure your weight loss success

Your mind is the garden that is controlling your destiny.  The thoughts and images that you are thinking are the seeds that determine the effects of your wants future.  For your thoughts, your emotions are the fertilizer.  Once you become aware of this, you want to be very mindful on what you are planting and feeding your mind garden.

In order for the garden to harvest what you want, you must plant the seeds of the desires that you want.  If you plant useless weed seeds, then that is what will harvest.  If you want your future reality to have a slimmer, fitter, muscular, or a stronger you, then you must plant seeds those thought and image.  But do not expect to plant weed seeds such as “I hate my body,” “I hate my brain,” “I hate my thighs,” “I gain weight by looking at food,” “it is hard to lose weight when you get older,” “I am too old to do that,” “I am the weak,” “I am the too lazy,” “I am the too scared,” “I don’t have enough time””,” “I will never get in shape,” “I will never loose this weight,” etc., and expect a positive successful harvest.  You are just fooling yourself.

It is not hard to plant the right seeds and fertilizer.  Just determine what it is that you want and then create the right thoughts and right images.  Feed these thoughts and images to your mind daily.  Remember; do not even entertain negative or self-limiting thoughts and images because they are like unwanted weeds.  Those thoughts and images will come up from time to time but all you have to do is notice them and remove them.  Then continue planting goal achieving seeds.

Your mind is extremely powerful.  Think about it, everything you do has to first pass through your mind in order to present some child of action.  If something is wrong with your brain, the house for your mind, then you will experience a of problem myriad.

Since your mind is powerful then you know that your thoughts are powerful.  The mere thought of whether you think you can do something or not will affect your actions.  If you think something is impossible, then you probably won’t even attempt to even try the thing.  Your thoughts create your reality.  When you have hunger, sexual, angry, fearful or worrisome thoughts, you without a doubt notice a physical change in your body.  It is because every thought produces some type of chemical response and releases the chemical in your body.  You feel the effects of the chemical release depending on what type of thought you have entertained.  Once you have felt the chemical release in your body part, you may take some type of action as a reaction to that thought.

Be diligent and watch your thoughts; create positive thoughts and images to feed your mind daily to ensure your fitness success.  You must be persistent and committed to purposely generate goal fulfilling thoughts and resist the temptation to let your mind run on auto-pilot. Remember, your mind is a garden that will harvest anything you plant.