RID, stiff, tight, injury prone a muscles for once

Let us be honest, or cool-down how many of us actually do a warm-up, that includes stretching before and after we train? I bet only a few stretching before or after exercise. This can be that much emphasis is placed on working environment and not on the expansion.

In this article I explain the 1) benefits of stretching, 2) the different types of routes that you can run and 3) how long your lines should be periods. I’Il even show some little-known techniques that you recover faster from training and increase your workout performance-better results use over all.

Let’s start with the value of stretching. There are several benefits that you properly get stretching you your muscles.

(1) Stretching reduces the potential for training injuries.

(2) The muscles are elastic (less rigid), if you track and this flexibility allows to move the muscles against resistance in more convenient way.

(3) Stretching increases flow of blood to your muscles “she warms” it it not cold, when you start working.

(4) Relaxation is another advantage of stretching. You are more in line with your muscles (kinaesthetic perception) when you run the workouts with greater precision to routes.

5) Increased flexibility by stretching can perform exercises through a full(er) mobility.

(6) Stretching reduces training sore muscles and helpers in restoring faster workouts.

There are 4 main types of distances can someone for you to perform, or to perform. The first is the ballistic stretching. This kind of expansion is done by bouncing the targeted muscle group quickly, much like a yo-yo. Ballistic stretching is not recommended because it can cause damage to the muscle and ignite. Every bouncing movement over stretches the muscle, which you order in a spasm-like manner (this is a defense mechanism) order to protect the muscle membrane overstretching.

Static stretching is a safer and more commonly used form of stretching. Can be stretch usually kept, for a period of time, to relax the muscles and extend. It is suitable to perform static stretching after workout, because the muscles warmer be tends to be, which means that they are usually flexible.
Dynamic stretching is a movement, the shape of the strain. This is the preferred method to stretch before your workout, as it warms the muscles through movement and increased body temperature. It loosens the joints and increases flexibility as well as.

Assisted stretching is a form of static stretching executed by a partner for you. It is beneficial if carried out after training sessions. It is usually safer than performed by a professional fitness but are carried out by a competent training partner.

Finally we see each how long your routes and routes should be meetings. It should be noted that your muscles are close, the longer your stretches should worthy. You should perform more sets for excessively tight muscle groups.

Dynamic stretching:
Duration of 2-10 minutes
Perform 10-20 repetitions
2-4 Sets

Supervised and static stretching:
Duration of 5-10 minutes
Hold stretches for 15-60 seconds
2-3 Sets

Ballistic stretching: not recommended.

Note: The massage is very beneficial for the user and offers a number of advantages, including muscle relaxation, improved circulation, decrease Streß and softness of the fabric.

Massage is particularly beneficial to Weightlifters are running high repetition rates. To improve the performance of training while you try to lift weights, muscle massage while you rest.

Blood pools in the working muscle and stays there for a long time, because it may not be fast enough (“the pump”) away from the body. This “old blood” contains waste and is not a nutrient rich. Massaging the muscle helps to maintain the “old blood” and waste from the muscle and can in the following sentences the same or perform more repetitions.

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