Releana ™ HCG weight loss

When you buy any weight loss product, it is important to do your research. Many people share their opinions on Releana on

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Millennium medical Spa, from California, is the parent of the Releana ™. We say this subject, because the company/product site is not very clear about who’s who and what’s what. In fact, consumers on Releana ™, the program, the apparently Releana ™ have includes the HCG supplement, the possibility of contacting “Releana ™”. We mark this confusion, perhaps with a little exaggeration to emphasize that Releana ™ is marketed not as clear as it should be. And when it comes to the pills that will help a body weight loss, consumers deserve clarity, which can get them. So, Releana ™ can can claim all day, amazing weight loss and management advantages, but until the product/program/company website get the record straight, should keep consumer way.

Ingredients at a glance

Releana ™, at least in part, an HCG supplement is as mentioned above.

Ingredients in focus

HCG is derived from human placenta. Apparently, it is extracted from the urine, but poses no risk of an infectious disease, according to the Releana ™ website.

Releana ™ is a sublingual form of HCG, making it absorb into the body through the mucous membrane under the tongue and not through the stomach as it is in pill form. Supplement with HCG can supposedly diet a clear outline to see that they do not want all the fat. The product is the good fat in the body, but keep. In conjunction with a low-calorie food, as it should by Millennium medical Spa, Releana ™ weight loss efforts substantially.


• Stimulant free weight loss option.


• Confusing Web presentation.

• Messy website.

• Bring some consumer from idea, a urine-derived supplement under their tongues could be.

Final thoughts

Releana ™ is something of a frustrating experience. Consumer interest in a healthy and effective weight loss supplement will have to do more shopping. It is recommended that in the search for a product contains a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant, from a reputable company that knows how to market its own products. In combination with diet and exercise, a good addition as this weight loss will improve.