Recipes for Detox Diet

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Recipes for Detox Diet

There are many recipes for Detox Diets, to cater for all aspects of the body. Detox Diets seem trendy at the moment where thousands of people for the first time the benefits of detoxification be to experience their bodies. Maybe you want to try a detox and experience the noise of cleaning, to do many experience. To get you start is below 48 hours Detox, which is not too difficult to execute.

The detoxification in the wings

Before starting a detoxification don’t binge on food and drinks, you will miss. Reduce this, as you detoxification closer to the time you intend, because this will make the entire process much easier.

What can you drink

For this 48-hour Detox, you can drink only water and pure fruit juice. Try and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. The following can be 2 recipes for juices, which a little spice up your detoxification.


1 whole pomegranate seed
4 or 5 carrots
A small handful of spinach
1 Cucumber

Add the above a juicer and drink immediately while fresh.

Green magic

2 Green apples
4 Stalks celery
6 Chinese leaves
The juice of 10cm cucumber

Add the above a juicer and drink immediately while fresh.

What can you eat


Wholemeal Müsli (no added sugar) and fruits.


Fresh salad and 1 piece of fruit.


Any form of natural vegetable soup.

Dinner should be eaten to at least 19.

Remember water, much of the day at least drink per hour if possible

Abide by this Detox diet plan for only 48 hours, and you should feel the benefits.