Reasons for Staying hydrated

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without adequate fluid intake is not effective the body metabolize or food to absorb nutrients. Water is what leads the majority of the Lebensmittelorientierte nutrients in the bloodstream.

o optimum physical and mental processes are impaired as a result of lack of oxygen when the body in each State of dehydration. This is to say that water tends to perform delivery system for oxygen in the blood. If hydration not at its peak body have a reduced capacity for transport of oxygen is decreased, making performance.

o optimal muscle recovery is affected by hydration levels that are below the ideal level. Through the oxygen and nutrients missing while a reduced hydration affects protein synthesis, which is the post activity muscle repair and growth.

o If you can create a loss of contractile strength by about 10% from drying out , a muscle by less than 3% to let alone an 8% loss in speed.

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