Quick protein recipes for the bodybuilders!

The high protein content fast four recipes, and are easy to make. Enjoy!

Protein pancakes – these delicious pancakes are packed with protein, fiber and slowly Digest carbohydrates, which provide energy throughout the day.

1 3 whole eggs
2. 3 Egg whites
3. 2 Level scoops vanilla flavored protein powder
4. Half cup of oatmeal
5. Cucumber
6 Onion
(7) A pinch of salt and pepper
8 1 Teaspoon extra virgin olive oil extra

Mix the eggs, protein, protein powder and oats. Rub the cucumbers and onions in another bowl give and stir in the black pepper, salt and chopped garlic. Combine with the first shell of the egg, protein powder and oats. Pour olive oil in a nonstick pan and heat to medium, and then add in the mixture. A half-cup of the mixture creates a about 6-inch pancakes. Let the mixture for at least 3 minutes before flipping it over the other side to cooking cooking. Serve. The entire mixture makes 6 pancakes.

Grilled shrimp – shrimp are a good source of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the risk of heart disease. But take it in moderation, such as fish and seafood in cholesterol high.

1 3 large prawns (each shrimp approx. 100 g)
(2) a pinch of salt
3. a pinch of pepper
4. 3 Cloves garlic, chopped
5. 3 Teaspoons olive oil
6 Canola oil
7 English parsley, finely chopped
8 Half a lemon

Cut to off the shrimp sensor with a pair of scissors. Slice with a knife to remove each shrimp and veins of the spinal column, if present. Sprinkle salt and pepper along the spine into slices. Add garlic and drizzle olive oil evenly over the shrimp. Before you place them on the grill, brush just some canola oil on the shrimp. After a minute or so, if the shrimp are displayed in red, to turn and grill for a minute or so.
Finally, squeeze lemon juice over it and sprinkle parsley.

Protein milk shake – will be absolutely lovely after a day of hard work this great-tasting, delicious, protein-rich dessert. You can see your day with this as your breakfast as well as start.

1 1/2 Cup low-fat milk.
2. 1 Level scoop of chocolate – flavored (or any other flavour depending on the preference) protein powder.
3. 6 Ice cubes.

Combine and put them in a blender type. Mix until you get a smooth, creamy protein milk shake. Serve with extra ice, if necessary.

Protein Empire peach ice cream – a further fantastic dessert that will leave you hungry for more.

1 3 Pounds peaches, peeled and seeded.
2. 1/2 Cup of yogurt.
3. 2 Level scoops vanilla flavored protein powder.

Cut the peaches into very small pieces. The smaller cut, the faster they will become the final texture freezing and the finer. Arrange the peach pieces in a single layer on a plate and freeze solid, about 2 hours. The frozen peaches to put pieces in a food processor with the protein powder and short loops. Add the yogurt and pulse until the mixture is smooth. Again 20 to 30 minutes before serving the food processor in a small container to empty and freezing.