Proper nutrition is the key to your weight loss

If you go on a diet, do you think that you cut fat, carbs or meat to lose weight?  Did you know that it never should be cut from your diet to lose weight?  Why?  Fat is needed for many functions of the body.  It is used for the absorption of vitamins, production of hormones and the development of the brain and nerves.  Fat can also be
converted into energy, if necessary.  Your body needs carbohydrates for energy and meat because it contains protein to build muscle.  You should something to cut, not for your body like candy and processed diet foods, but should never be everything cut out

Healthy nutritious food is the key to your weight loss.  Nutrients are substances that your body uses to work correctly.  If you eat your body these nutrients from food and not as fat stored food that contains the nutrients that your body needs.  Here are four basic types of foods that you should eat and how they can help you with your weight loss.

1 Food completely and multi grain bread, the pasta, cereal, and snacks – you should eat between 6-11 servings per day.  Grains contain fibre.  Although there is no nutritional value in fiber it is very healthy for you.  It helps to keep your bowel movements regular and eliminate toxins and excess fat from the body.  Fiber in the stomach longer and slows the rate of digestion, so that full feeling much longer.  Have the fiber, whole and Multigrain Bread, pasta and cereals contain nutrients that your body needs.  You are slowly digested, so blood sugar remain stabilized, so that your body convert carbohydrates for energy instead of fat to store used, and you shall be not hungry right after feel.

Here are some food brands, which include whole grains and fiber.  They are a healthy choice, Kashi and smart choice.  Kashi’s cereals, biscuits, cookies, bars, and appetizers.  Healthy choice frozen meals, pasta and appetizers and pasta makes smart choice.  You can buy all natural bread whole grain.  I’ve got a job, where do I work for four and a half hours before getting a break for dinner.  So I sure I eat a Kashi cereal or a slice of wholemeal bread, natural breakfast, so I feel full longer me and feel not hungry in these four and a half hours myself.

2 Food you lots of fruits and vegetables – you should eat 2-3 servings of fruits a day and 3 to 4 servings of vegetables per day and much more, if you want to lose weight.  They are rich in volume, low calorie, contain fiber and full of the nutrients that your body needs.  Eating them helps to lose weight, because they fill with fewer calories, and because they contain nutrients your body needs and craves, it’s less likely, demand after having junk food.  You crave junk food just because your body looking for nutrients, who do not get it.

When I started my diet more fruits and vegetables add, I felt crave me full longer and not so much junk food.  I started feeling better and noticed I had eaten more power, fewer calories and lost some weight.  I did this by adding a fruit in the morning for breakfast, a fruit or vegetables for a snack and contain at least one or two vegetables for lunch and dinner.  You should eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors each day to get the best all-round diet, since every color contains a unique set of nutrients that your body needs.

3. Consume dairy products – should you 3, 8 ounces, calcium-rich, servings per day.  Milk contains calcium and protein, important nutrients for burning fat in your body, the trigger is the research used to lose weight.  Strive for at least 600 mg of calcium from 24 ounces of milk products per day.  Read your labels.  Also, find protein level 5 grams or greater.  Low in fat, milk, yogurt and cheese are good sources of calcium and protein.  You need fat in your diet but not too much.  Try to stay away from dairy products that are high in fat, because when it is high in fat it is is also high in calories and may be counterproductive, if you are watching your weight.

 4. Finally, nuts, beans and lean meats such as chicken and fish – eating,