Post Bariatric Surgery diet foods and how to make a Post Bariatric Surgery diet food

After you have the choice go through a surgery, it is more important than ever to see your food intake and be extremely vigilant about your post bariatric surgery diet. Your body can handle now only certain types and amount of food. You need to make sure your diet keep more results of your surgery to see and promote post-surgical healing. Your doctor will prescribe a diet specifically for you, but it will most likely be the following requirements similar.

The first three months following your surgery are particularly important, to your post bariatric surgery diet. This helps to heal your body, while your still offer you body with nutrition, needs to function. If you’re lucky, you could made, following a similar diet before your actual surgical procedure, so this should be no shock to your system to start. Keep in mind that this time directly the abdomen is very small and still healing significance after the operation, you can take only in very small portions.

Immediately after your operation, you have to take in clear liquids only. Most importantly, you need to remain extremely hydrated for therapeutic purposes. All other fluids must be free sugar and carbon dioxide. To find out if you can drink a liquid is, if you can see it. If you do not, it is not appropriate at this time for you. Feel free, drinks to clearly get you to dilute.

After you can go over about a week, versus other liquids which are not clear, such as broth, soups and liquid protein supplements. You need to eat about 9-12 liquid and non-solid food weeks to spend. This is pureed food.
In this early period in your post bariatric surgery diet you must make sure to take special vitamins, and other nutritional supplements to provide the nutrition that your body does not receive through regular food. It is also important to protein a focus of your post bariatric surgery diet make. It aims for around 50-70 mg / day, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. Make up protein in your meals by special shakes, soups and puddings.

You make small sure, that your meals are what whatever their meals. Perhaps, your recording in six small meals daily want to divide, to avoid overloading the stomach. Don’t forget to drink water between meals.

After your first three months more than will likely her progress to eat food regularly again, unless you have had no complications. To limit meals to three per day with the addition of three small snacks. Continue to focus on healthy options such as lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Ensure that your calorie intake of 1000-1200 per day is not exceeded, so that you continue to lose weight. Stay away from sugary or fattening offer food, healing the body with the nutrients that it needs. Following these tips and your post surgery diet bariatric is for your body continue to positive results.

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