Popular French cuisine techniques you can do at home

French cuisine has estimated best and finest always himself as one in the world. In America, the word is synonymous with gourmet cuisine. Chefs in France are trained in fine dining restaurants asked. If it may sound complex, it is based on very simple techniques that can be done by every amateur chef.

In France, each region has its local cuisine tradition, which contains different ingredients and methods of preparation. It can be categorized into 3: the classical French haute cuisine with sauces that cream are based. Food is elegant and elaborately prepared with the best ingredients. An important component of this is the presentation.

The next type is the cuisine Nouvelle, where foods are prepared simpler and easier without heavy sauces ever. Food is prepared and cooked, quick emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Cuisine du terroir is the third type, which focuses on specialities of the region and nature of rural character. There are restaurants, the Group of customers who want different kinds of French cooking.

This traditional cuisine varies depending on the location in France. The most important aspects of this cooking method to take to enjoy your meal. Take it by Mark Sullivan, the village pub Executive’s boss in Northern California. He is based on the old technology through their dishes with French roots. He shares some basic cooking techniques:

Saute A la Français

This is one of the French techniques that can handle any at home, while cooking. Over high heat, Saute ingredients easily in oil. He recommends the use of olive oil and once the Oild on the Pan is hot, throw it his vegetables, poultry, or meat desired ingredients.
It’s like you cut them

Cutting is an important skill which must be perfect every French Cook. There are 3 basic types of cut, you should know:

• Brunoise: about 1/8 of an inch square cut. It produces the cube of 3 mm or less length on each side. Often, Brunoised are leeks, carrots and carrots, turnips, which can be used as your side dish in many dishes. You should be in shape and size to create a nice presentation in line.

• Cube: about one-quarter inch form cubic pieces cut. Make sure that you chop a good have ready-to-help Board and knife you dice ingredients well.

• Chop: about half an inch to cut. Know what you’re doing the sizes to help those cuts with the recipes. You need a sharp knife and a stable cutting board. Caution is advised when hack.

Sauces and stocks

The basis of most things in the kitchen cooking broth or stock from meat, bones, or vegetables are cooked. They are used to make sauces. Red wine is a universal sauce with shares. It wonders on a slice of grilled fish or meat.

No second guesses!

As they say, you approach love and cooking with reckless abandon. Be not afraid, these techniques. You’re a fan of this kind of cooking, car, bold be and try it out!

In French cooking, famous chef and personality, witnessed by Julia Child “In France, cooking is a serious art form and national sport.” So give now to embrace the French flair.