Plastic surgery in Argentina

Plastic surgery costs abroad

Foreign and Argentine firms find investors to the country as a perfect target to start the medical holiday trend. Building is of course take a good and trusted name in the medical tourism business time and money. After several years of large agencies from around the world fill the country and some went to the United States and European countries to promote and to find patients. Plastic surgery in Argentina has investigated much criticism, applies also to other countries that offer medical holiday services. To compete with the United States health care services is the main goal. Due to the increase of American and European plastic surgery costs select patients of plastic surgery in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and some in Costa Rica. These countries offer extremely cheap plastic surgery cost in comparison to the prices in the United States and European countries.

The clinics of Buenos Aires started surgeons is filled with foreigners, soon after the economy imploded and 2002 devaluation of the currency. As a result, costs most treatments around a third of the prices in the United Kingdom. This could save patients by almost 75% of the cost of plastic surgery medical procedures. Medical tourism agencies offers the bundle packages with holiday and leisure trips in the target countries. Accommodation and flight tickets are from the Agency, which also manages all dates and arrangements for the patients, all inclusive. Medical tourism agencies in Argentina offers affordable gastric bypass surgery, affordable gastric bypass surgery and affordable fertility treatments with low cost and quality that can keep up with the US-surgical Qualität.Einsparungen vary all over the world and procedures. On the whole, patients can prices 25% – 75% less than in the United States expect. Savings for a restoration of full mouth runs $7 k to $25 k. savings for a hip range from $ 30-$ 50 k. Savings for a heart-valve replacement range from $20 k to $45 k.

How good is the plastic surgery in Argentina

Argentina offers one of the most popular affordable plastic surgery in the world. In 2006, Buenos Aires hosted an international symposium on “21st-century plastic surgery”. On the agenda were workshops to third generation rejuvenation ultrasonic liposuction and periorbital (around the eyes). Argentine plastic surgeons have good reason to be sent: domestic demand for breast implants, laser surgery and nip and tuck treatments style-obsessed, heaven is high in this country. Medical tourism and agencies provides advanced and State of the art medical facilities and equipment clinics, the offers only the most experienced and proof of eligibility cosmetic surgeons for his patients. Patients can find many world class health centers in all Buenos Aires with costs at a fraction of the cost of health care in the United States these hospitals offers affordable gastric bypass surgery, cheap dental implants and affordable fertility treatments. Regardless of the mode of operation, which you looking for offer Buenos Aires it almost one-tenth of what the procedure in the United States would cost.
Argentina has excellent medical care, procedures, treatments and technology is the U.S. and European standards. Combination of world class facilities with natural Argentine heat in the doctor-patient relationship, create an atmosphere that patients treated with the dignity and respect and not as a social security number case.

In contrast to many other medical tourism destinations Buenos Aires is known not for a certain type of surgery, but is known for highly qualified surgeons in all areas. Still the most popular type of surgery is done here have cosmetic surgery, but this does not speak to the capabilities of the other types of surgeons.

Holiday after surgery

Excellent medical treatment is not the only reason why people are looking for Buenos Aires for your next surgery. Also happens to be a fabulous resort and the hospitals use it of them. The packages, which can be purchased through medical tourism companies include everything pick up from the airport, accommodation, meeting with surgeons before and follow-up treatment and procedures as soon as they return home. These packages offer patients egg