Peyronie’s disease and its treatment

Do you know Francois De La Peyronie? He is a prominent physician during his time, the surgeon by King Louis XIV of France. Peyronie’s disease is named after him, because he was the first person to discover this unusual condition during 1973. Let us know more about Peyronie’s disease.

Tunica Albuginea is the whitish membrane inside of the penis that surrounds the spongy Chambers of the corpora cavernosa. Scar tissue begins to form in the Tunica Albuginea unknown reasons for the science at this moment. This tissue prevents the normal enlargement of the penis during erection and time forms a permanent bend in the penis to one side or the other.

At first, the disease is painful, but the pain eventually goes away on himself. You need not rely on painkillers or fall into the trap of long-term abuse of such pills to fear. Curvature is the only effect of this disease. It is visible when the penis is erect, and possibly a shortening of the penis in the flaccid state. Most men suffer from them can have sex with their partners and to experience no pain during sexual intercourse. However, as the angle of curvature in the vicinity of 90 degrees is sexual intercourse becomes more and more a problem.

The disease can affect men of all races and ages. It is most commonly seen in Caucasian men age 40 years. It is not contagious and is related to cancer or other serious illness in any way. There are no known universal cure and relapses have witnessed some men that science could help. The list of treatments designed to the Peyronie’s disease to fight but is not quite large, one of them was proved to be the best solution to the problem.

One of the most recommended treatments is a surgical procedure. Severe cases triggered always the insertion of implants by surgical intervention. A few years ago, surgery was the method of choice for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, since there were no proven alternatives.

• Penile implants – inlude plastic cylinder, either fixed or inflatable boat, in the corpora cavernosa are brought. The surgeon either placing the implants in the penis or let the work organ set up, or he may try to bend the penis against the plaque to the implant opportunity successfully correct to increase the curvature.

It widespread otherwise try • who is using tissue grafts – to treat Peyronie’s disease. This procedure involves the complete surgical removal of the node of plaque, which developed on the penis and straightening of the penis to get him in the original form back. Doctors encourage patients to accept of this approach in cases with large plaques or sharply bent penises to advise.
• Nesbit procedure – it is the most commonly used method for congenital curvature of straightening. During this procedure the penis with a sterile physiological saline is filled, an artificial erection causing. The surgeon collects a clip the outside of the bend, the forces of the Tunica Albuginea, to straighten the penis.

• Injections – the use of collagenase or Verapamil is it one of the treatments, the use of collagenase injection to break the sticker and remove or injections to prevent that form new plaque focus Verapamil. One of the most popular treatments used vitamin E to help to heal the skin and reduce the plaque. Because the properties of vitamin E skin healing are known for quite some time, the usage was contain this vitamin Peyronie’s a popular solution since the 1940s.

• Potaba – there is another widely used treatment, a short form of the correct technical name: potassium-aminobenzoic acid. Recent trials showed, that Potaba helps is men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, to a certain extent, but it unclear how effective is this substance.

With a traction device, to straighten the penis disease considered one of the best ways for dealing with Peyronie’s disease. Several clinical studies have assessed despite all controversies, the use of traction devices is an effective technique. Part of the SizeGenetics ™ penis extension program is the traction device, which works by you the tissue that extend the penis instead pull back and increasing the curve forms. Use the device at regular intervals, the men could in clinical Stud,