Paleo diet recipe the caveman’s existence

Paleo man, Caveman, Hunt Hunter and stone age man are the same people from the Paleolithic. The Paleolithic attracted people small bands always walking on the road. Daily existence was an ongoing challenge for survival. Make you desires are all food and had to be conquered. A challenge could first wild plants on the basis of the seasons. In the spring and summer, plants (plants, leaves, roots and seeds) would be ample. Caveman lives near streams or oceans would be abundant in ideal season fish. But for meat and clothes cavemen hunted wild animals with coarse stone weapons.  Weapons from trees, shells, stones, animal, animal bones and teeth. Cavemen due to diet and exercise, and were physically fit. Physical fitness was necessary for travel, Hunt, and kill fierce wild animals. Kill a brute animal was a venture of kill or be killed. I assume that the many Caveman were killed or seriously injured in their quest for wild animals. Keep in mind that as soon as the animal was killed the paleo man of not Butcher Knives. Dead animals had multiple meanings. The meat had to be cut with crude tools and torn by the animal. Hides and skins, used clothing and shelter. The bones could be used as weapons. Cavemen were hunters hunting and all food, the won had consumed his, before food spoiled.  In the middle ages, foods were preserved with salt. In modern foods with additives and preservatives or processed and there is refrigeration. The Caveman had nothing to these technological advancements. Wild animals were also Caveman Predictor had physical threats to prevent animals raw.

Caveman love and happiness. His choice of wife in the head and their hit men the alpha in his den pulled. Once in the cave the Caveman had his way with the female. Scientific studies say that cavemen and Cavewomen were monogamous. Pairing was beneficial to man and woman’s body and soul. Pairing, increased productivity and the safety of the family. A male partner provided protection and security for women and children.  No high romantic but practical survival and respect.

Caveman roamed not only looking for food, but also on the search for shelter. In cold seasons, Caveman sought warmer climates for protection. Regardless of the primitive place of refuge Caveman sought constantly eat. Reason, agriculture had not invented are. To enable agriculture in stationary locations to say. Plant plants was not introduced until the Neolithic period. Fire had been invented during the Neolithic period man planted food in a controlled way. The Caveman eating not grain or potatoes. These foods also have the toxin. Cooking kills the toxins in cereals and potatoes. The Neolithic man due to cooking was able to expand their food by boiling, and cultivation of cereals and potatoes. The Caveman eating dairy produced animal had not domesticated are not. The Caveman not cow’s milk or goat’s milk drink. It rang again the Neolithic animal domestication.

Imagine no stationary home. During travel with the foot, children had to be carried. Modern man things no Microsoft or goggle takes supermarket, no cars, trains, no planes, no electricity, no gas, no schools or library, no medical facilities, no Internet, no central heat or air conditioning, no IPods no for Granitite the caveman. Everyday, none were present during the Paleolithic period. To survive the elements, everything was. These primitive men and women were a part of the man’s ‘ evolution. It was a slow evolution over thousands of years progress. The Caveman and Cavewomen paved the way for modern society. An invaluable gift left ancestral man of modern man. A diet that gives maximum nutrition, health, physical energy and fitness. Paleo recipes are gluten, dairy, soy, peanut, and preservative free. Allergy diet for people with allergies. Increase in paleo diet mainly because diets of delicious Antitoxische health benefits for the whole family. Paleo diet recipes are not bland and tasteless. There are alternatives to grains and dairy plants, what healthy recipes delicious paleo.

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