Oscillating and vibrating plates

Have you heard of vibrating or oscillating plates?

The message, which usually is accompanied by the fitness equipment “Have fun while your muscles are working” or “lose weight effortlessly” with oscillating plates.

But what is a vivid and vibrating plate or platform? What are the differences between the two?

Vibratory plates, as their name implies, produce vibrations. With each oscillation the muscles of the body contract and relax depending on the speed of the vibrations. Therefore, by positioning them on a vibrating plate, your muscles almost effortless work. It is the record that will do all the work; You have to run almost all fitness movements.

Meanwhile, leads the oscillating plate, the latest invention, vibrations, so that the muscles to achieve more depth. It combines vibration and vibration. The work on the body is carried out in a holistic way. The oscillating plate has the same effect as the vibrating plate, but it focuses more on weight loss.

The “work” on the plates must be of short duration; no more than 20 minutes and one meeting per day is more than sufficient. Each exercise takes about 1 minute or 30 seconds. This might be very short and hard to believe, but you should know that solicit your muscles much faster the vibrations and oscillations and work more intensively than in conventional fitness exercises.

Typically, a session of 15 minutes on the oscillating, vibrating plate is one hour gym, and that even without obvious effort!

The advantages are numerous:

-Sie strengthen the body and transformation of your outline.

Act-sie on the cellulite that is “broken”, and gradually disappears.

-Sie activate the circulation and eliminate toxins.

-Sie increase muscle flexibility.

-Sie improve your overall balance.

-Sie promote your bowel.

-sie keep you in shape.

-The oscillating plate can also help you to lose weight, because it allows you to burn fat.

The advantages of these plates appear exceptional. The plates can also other gyms locations installed and are reserved not only for top athletes. More and more people buy, even if the price is rather prohibitive, especially if they, good facilities want.

But these advantages of “Miracles”, sounding not only are advertising? It is not shown so. After reading the forums on the issue, a majority of users seems to get really good results. Finally it arrives on metabolism, frequency of use, exercises, etc.

But a doctor, especially before you try it out. In fact, the use of this oscillating / vibrating plates in certain cases may inappropriately:

-Post-operative (with implants) at an early stage.

-Repeated migraines, ne, tumors.

Implants of the hip or knee.

-The recent intervention, resulting in an injury.


-Akute of Tendonitis.

Individuals with pacemakers or cardiovascular disease.

-Intrauterine devices (that have been made recently).

Seriousness osteoarthritis.

So can the oscillating or vibrating plates enhance the well-being and help with weight loss in a short time and with less effort. Go is even more important, go to the doctor before you begin to avoid problems!