Oral HCG weight loss: the 4 phases of the plan

If you are ready to begin the Oral HCG weight loss plan, you should know that the program consists of four phases (or three depending on which follow Protocol). The stages are very easy to follow and your wholehearted commitment require for just a few weeks (and months or even years on other plans do not).

Phase 1: Preparing for the VCLD

Phase 1 of the plan was developed by Kevin Trudeau and Simeons Protocol will not appear in the original Dr. Some follow phase 1 with excellent results; others do not choose, and have had very good results on other phases of the plan. This phase is over your body for phase 2, prepare so that it encourages, changes are going to be positive lifestyle.

You are also encouraged the development of a healthy lifestyle, involving such changes as a start:

  • Eating organic;
  • other sweeteners instead of Stevia;
  • Elimination of food additives like MSG and trans fatty acids; and
  • Work on your lifestyle relaxing.

Phase 2: Reduction

Phase 2 of the plan is the initial phase, which Dr. Simeons developed. It is to complement the body’s natural hormonal reserves with oral HCG. The protocol first “load” or consume very high calorie, high fat food for 2 days. Then you go to eat only 500 calories per day, the VCLD (very low calorie diet) is recommended to reduce weight on the plan.

In this phase, the exercise is strictly prohibited. This phase should last at least 23 days. Weight loss of one pound per day should be shown on this part of the plan.

Phase 3: Intermittent maintenance

During phase 3 of the plan change you your body from the VCLD to a higher caloric consumption. Her hormonal balance is reached at this time, and your metabolism has been reset. So you allow your body to higher-calorie during this part of the plan slowly because to get used to. You start by increasing your calories to about 800 per day. This phase lasted 21 days.

As you increase calories, the emphasis on protein. Foods with a high glycemic index (starchy foods) are frowned upon.

Phase 4: Maintenance

You did it! Maintenance is the culmination of your hard work. At this point, you can have reached your goal weight and learned healthy diet. Restores hormonal balance of the body and your metabolism works at its peak.

Start at this stage you add sugar and starch, while still keeping an eye on your weight. Notice your weight crept, cut back on sugar and starch, focused instead on low glycemic index foods.

The 4 phases of the plan are easy to follow and are designed to promote healthy lifestyles, which will change your life. More information about the Protocol and its transformative process we recommend you to visit our online library.