Oprah’S new favorite diet – is the ultimate Acai diet & cleanse work?

You can probably won’t stop, hear about Oprah’s new favorite diet, the food acai berry juice to drink every day with a fiber shake to promote which is weight loss. The question is does it work? For this answer, I suggest you read on, to find out what the real benefits for the ultimate Acai diet and are clean.

What are the benefits of acai berry juice?

Acai is very rich in antioxidants, nutrients that work support healthy cell. This means anti-aging benefits and the prevention such as protection against cancer. There are also nutrients balance to help immune function and Omega-3 oils help to reduce the inflammation in the body.

And what’s with the fat burning?

Well see, this is the misconception, although Acai berries contain omega-3 oil, is the weight it can not promote in any way significantly. Besides, if you really want Omega 3 oil you are better with fish oil is a fraction of the price.

Real weight loss comes from the fiber shake, which is to be taken in addition to Acai juice. Only by this vibration is expected weight loss can. The fiber clears your colon and helps balance blood sugar, but again, it has nothing to do with Acai juice.

Is the answer to the question, so no Acai juice helps noticeably amount in itself to not lose weight. Although it use a variety of improvement for which represents health, nobody should drink fat loss Acai pure expected.

If you want to experience permanent weight loss is the best option for you to try to shift calories, as it increased the only diet, which focuses on the metabolism, so you burn calories can rather than avoid them.

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