On a diet? Calorie counting? Tofu can help

If you are counting calories today and need to do some inches around the waist, it is advisable that a look at soy products.

A typical 8-ounce tofu of portion of contains only 147 calories. This is 3 times less than an equal weight of eggs and about 5 times smaller than an equal weight of beef. Tofu is also low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol.

Calories-protein ratio

One of the most important factors which we need to consider when choosing the food for a healthy diet is the ratio of calories to the protein. In addition to soy bean sprouts, tofu of the lowest known plant food has. There are only 12 calories for each gram of usable protein in tofu.

Prefer to eat meat, which are only animal foods with a lower ratio, certain foods, fish and sea creatures.

Counting carbohydrates

To count carbohydrates? Tofu is also ideal for the strength of low-calorie diet. This 8-oz serving only 5 grams contains carbohydrates. That is less than 7.5% of the recommended daily allowance for adults. At the same time offer the portion with 27% of your daily protein requirement.

After comparing the numbers should start just for some simple soy recipes.
Here is an easy way to beef up some dressing and lunch turn a boring diet salad into something more substantial.

Salad with tofu dressing recipe

* Block tofu
* Salad dressing
* Lettuce leaves (darker green, the higher calcium)
* Tomato
* Cucumber
* Sunflower seeds

Up tofu in a bowl give a small block of mash. (If you are new and not yet begin, your own yet, you can buy a block at most health food stores. Use only a part of it unless you make want to dress in a big game. It will keep for a week in the frig. We diet you eat a lot of salad.)

Combine some of the tofu, low-fat Caesar or bleu cheese dressing, you find that in any business; Mix well. Note: Let chill this mixture for a while in the frig and the tofu is on the taste of the Association.

A salad with lettuce leaves your choice to build some tomato wedges and cucumber slices and then top it with your new tofu / dressing mixture. Sprinkle raw sunflower seeds at the top for some extra protein crunch.

Now you have a low-calorie, lunch packages low-carbohydrate, protein and vitamin salad for lunch. Enjoy.