Now remove the emotional reasons

What reasons do you have to lose weight?  Are they due to health reasons?  Selfish reasons?  To vanities will?  You want to look better, or to reduce your cholesterol?  Want to help you treat your diabetes or attention from some hot guy or a girl?  Your reasons for losing weight are logical or emotional or both?  What helps you lose weight faster and more consistently – logical or emotional reasons to lose weight?

At the end it depends really your motivation of the kind of person you are and where you drag.  Personally, I think that it more practical, logical and the emotional reasons, losing weight to look at is.  You often go hand in hand.  Her desire to lose weight can begin with your doctor that you are overweight and if you will not lose weight you will be healthy.  This is a logical reason.  It is also in the delayed gratification means that you’re going to lose weight and get in this way “healthier” rooted, but you can not see the health benefits for several months or years (delayed gratification).  This reasoning is enough motivate you to lose weight?

In contrast to this logical reasoning, the emotional reason to lose weight would look as follows.  Your doctor tells you to lose weight, because it (would be logical) good for you, or you know, that you should lose weight, because you have a family history of cardiovascular disease and you want to die not (emotional).  Want to lose your beer belly, because excess abdominal fat increases the risk of disease (logically) or because you want to impress the cute new girl in the Office (emotional)?

Although your desire to lose weight and transform your body starts with a logical reason there are often emotional reasons to lose weight, that for an individual, hold more motivating to them and their weight loss goals.  At the end, not really important, motivates it what kind of reasoning more.  The key is the reason or reasons that define why you – want to remove these reasons can be found in your core strike.  After those have been identified, they are rather keep to your plan and turn your body into a healthier new you!